Possible Halo Infinite Sentinel noises (H4 vs HI)?

In the field recordings for Halo Infinite, 343’s audio team uses different generations of Xbox consoles to produce noises for the game. I feel like they sound strikingly similar to Halo 4’s Sentinels. Here’s a quick comparison between the two. Am I just hearing things, or could these recordings be evidence of the Sentinels returning?

I believe Sentinels are possibly confirmed already? In that Halo Infinite teaser video thing, there were a couple of flying objects in the distance. They were too far away to identify, but they were in a formation and moving at a speed and manner that was very much like that of the Sentinels.

But never mind Sentinels, I want Enforcers to return so badly! They were so underused in Halo 2, which was the only game they appeared in. In the aforementioned teaser video, during the underwater bit, a large object is seen, or is seen coming into view, but is difficult to make out. Could it be an Enforcer?

Edit: The video is called Halo Infinite Announcement Trailer. The underwater bit is at 1:10 and the flying entities at 1:27