Possible Halo 4 playtest at E3?

Sundance just tweeeted saying http://i.imgur.com/doqQZ.png if any MLG pro is going to attend e3, he has a big news for them. Does it mean we might see some Halo 4 gameplay at E3?

for those who don’t know him he is the MLG chairman

I doubt they would do a live test, but they might play and record something before the main event, then polish it and make it look even better then it really is, after all, it’s not that fun to watch people camp, trying to figure out weapons/maps or even waiting for the main player to respawn ^^
Not to mention they can make the graphics look a lot better in “theatre mode” then in real time, much like in Forza 4 or GT5.
Not to mention having a live demo would make up for bugs and similar things ruining the show (RROD ^^).

But at least it looks like we’ll see some gameplay (hopefully) or at least hear some MLG players brag about how good Halo 4 is looking, then see them do the same when they talk about the new CoD (sad but true).

Yeah they might have a small playtest for a few people …

But no matter what they will show lots of info / cant wait

All I know is that it would be in their best interest to start talking about and showing the game.

I mean, isn’t it kind of sad that Black Ops II was just announced and we already know more about that game’s campaign than we do Halo 4’s? Halo 4 was announced almost a year ago.

It’s a rhetorical question. It IS kind of funny.

I know it all coincides with the release date and all, but even the stuff that has been announced hasn’t even been elaborated upon. So, many of the things we know are there we still know nothing about.

They problably plan on showing H4 multiplayer gameplay with mlg pros playing in some way. Dont see how they need pros to show off campaign so i bet there’s at least a full on multiplayer game being shown at E3.

Probably just a private playtest of sorts. Or maybe-although unlikely-they might get a closed beta code. Crazy idea. But who knows. IDC either way.