Possible halo 4 Ideas

Okay so I have seen a lot of posts regarding things you would like to see in halo 4 and so on and so forth.

Now I am posting this thread to share what my ideas are for halo 4 IF a halo 4 should ever be released.


Right so when halo 3 ended chief was in cryo and cortana was left to moniter him, now then my idea is that maybe weeks or months later not a UNSC ship recovers them but an elite controlled ship, they explain that the brute remnants are still following the prophet of truth’s leadership despite dieing in halo 3, So the chief pretty much assists the elites, okay so how about this elite ship crashes down onto a sheild world installation after taking major damage from a brute ambush then maybe encounter the flood again. or maybe a reference to halo CE with master chief roaming the sheild worlds land, discovering its tech and more about the forerunners.


Pretty much the same as reach’s multiplayer abit with graphic differences and such.


Again the same as reach’s forge, but maybe having more to do like weather options, day/night settings and more forge items like tree’s, more rocks, vehicles we didnt get to use in reach such as the seraph fighters and space banshee’s.


Cant say much about my firefight ideas other than keep it like reach’s firefight although without the mythic skull.

So yeah thats pretty much all i have to say about my halo 4 ideas, please feel free to discuss and such =)

Thanks for reading.

Serosuly they shouldnt focus to much on graphics, halo 3 was amazing graphic wise, and i personally think it could be better

for me
needs more epic songs new enemies more easter eggs like legendary difficulty ending dancing elites grunts brutes like the Club Errera easter egg :stuck_out_tongue:


more armour dual armour effects more or pick what armour you want to color like helmet is blue shoulder is red


same as reach but more Armor Abilities and game types


day/night mode terrain changer like snow or fall civilian vehicles like forklift or cheering elites or grunts :smiley:


new game types more vehicles

Here are my ideas:

I liked Halo 2’s story with its multiple points of view (You played as Master Chief for a few levels, and then it jumped to the Arbiter.), so the plot will have multiple points of view.


Master Chief awakens from cry-storage and the Foward Unto Dawn crashes onto a new planet. The Chief and Cortana explore the place, and find out that a force of Brutes are occupying the planet. After a few battles, the point of view jumps to the group trapped in Onyx. They fight some Sentinels, escape the Dyson Sphere, and return to Earth. The viewpoint jumps to the Chief again, who is rescued by an Elite ship. He finds out that a civil war has split the Elites in two. One half want to take over Earth and posess the Artifact while another half is opposed to betraying the humans. The surviving Hunters side with the evil Elites while the Engineers side with the Elites and the UNSC. Eventually a massive war starts in between the Elites, the UNSC-Elite alliance, the Insurrection, and the Covenant Remnant. Somewhere in there, the plot should include the Forerunners and possibly even the Precursors. Another note: Master Chief’s face should be seen at some point in the story, since this is probably the last Halo game.


Same as Reach except with lots of new maps, new armor and new weapons and vehicles.


Same as Reach with more game types.


Same as Reach but with the ability to add weather condidtions, or change the time of day or something like that.

Also, the game shouldn’t be called “Halo 4”. Too generic of a title.

Thanks. Feel free to respond.

Here’s what I think would make “Halo 4” successful:

Story/ Plot
> The Legendary Ending of Halo 3 had Master Chief and Cortana drifting towards the “Legendary Planet”, clearly Forerunner. I think that 343 should take us to Onyx. The story could have us fighting through waves of Onyx Sentinels attempting to cleanse us, remnants of the Covenant (Brutes, Grunts, Jackals/ Skirmishers, etc…), trying to find a way to deal with Cortana’s decent into rampancy, and rescuing Dr. Halsey, Blue Team, the Spartan-III’s, and Mendez from the Shield World.

I personally believe this would provide the best story as it will involve many of the important characters in the Haloverse, and allow us to interact with characters close to Master Chief.

> Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed how Reach’s multiplayer worked. I think cross this with Spartan-II (Halo 3) physics and add in bigger, more diverse, and more interact-able maps. Of course, add in more armor-permutations, maybe some Forerunner-inspired weapons, vehicles, armor.

> Like it or not, like -Yoink!- Zombies, FireFight has become a core feature in Halo and I suspect that it will definitely come back in the next installment. Bungie made a huge leap from ODST FireFight to Reach FireFight. They did A LOT right, but I think with the transition from ODST to Spartan, the team-centric gameplay of FireFight was lost. So I think that teamwork should be more important than ever in FireFight. Of course, there should be more maps, I’m loving what Bungie is doing with more gametype variants.

> More maps like Forge World, greater customization in standard MM maps, greater diversity in Forge Items, more player control to make the maps as unique as possible.

I think you guys have some great ideas for campaign and multiplayer, and along with the additions to Forge perhaps a PC map editing/making program that ports directly into your Xbox. I realize that with PC custom content there is going to be a lot of modding, but isn’t that what makes user created content on PCs so amazing? Left 4 Dead thrives on it, just look at some of the jaw-dropping content available for that game.

Even Microsoft could profit from this. Alongside Forge on the console (this would be the watered down map editing program that is useful to the player who only dabbles in Forge but is not enough for the player who wants to really make a difference in the community) the PC forge program would have a lot more features the console version doesn’t. The PC program could even come separate with the game (but included with limited editions?) and Microsoft could charge $10 or $20 for it.