Possible Halo 4 Armoury System

So I was messing around with the Halo 4 poster and then decided to turn in in to a diagram for a possible Armoury System.

Say hello to Rainbow-Chief lol

NOTE: I do realise that 343 have said that the final Mark VII will look different, but this is the best image I got. :slight_smile:

The Helmet.

The Green section of the Helmet is the default veriant. It determins the basic look of the Helmet and the shape of the Visor.

The Forehead Attachment would be like the UA/CNM or the large eye-brows from the Mark V.

The Jaw Attchment would be like the CBRN/HUL for the ODST or the CBRN/CNM for the Security and EOD.

The Body

Firstly, you would have to choose a base armout veriant. Mark IV (Halo Wars Red Team), Mark V (Halo CEA), Mark VI (Halo 2+3) and Mark VII (Halo 4).
This would basicly determin what your Legs and Back looked, the black webbing looks like, and other small areas not covered with your choise of armour.


The Upper Chest area would be basicaly like the chest works in Halo 3 and Reach. Pretty self explanatory.

The Lower Chest would incluse the cod piece and other items such as the UA Multi Threat Belt

The Arms

The Shoulder Base would work exaclty as they did in Halo 3 and Reach but would come with an optional attachment.

The Shoulder Attachment could either be a continuation of the Shoulder Base design, or it could be a seperate item such as a knife or ammo clip (just for looks).

The Arm Attchemnets would be similar to Halo Reach with the Wrist attchments.

The Legs

The Hip and Thigh Attachments wouldnt be anything that would stick out and look out of place, just mearly design alterations for a bit more customisablitlty.

The Hip Attchment however, would be similer to the Utility attachments in Reach, like the UA/NxRA.

Well, thats all I got.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Good job :slight_smile:
Other Rainbow Spartan: http://kuraxim.deviantart.com/art/The-Rainbow-Spartan-Ryan-204779332

“Rainbow Chief” actually looks epic

I would love have a full body color customization to my spartan. Not that I don’t like the current system of customizing your spartan but these change can actually be fun seeing other players with there well customized spartans

Let’s just hope players don’t abuse it and make the most annoying spartan in the history of gaming.

Good post. You get a cookie (::slight_smile: