possible hacker found in custom game

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So I went into a custom game and was having fun, when this guy named <mark>REDACTED</mark> (something like that) comes in and is invisible and cannot die at all. you would think, “Oh its just a custom game he probably just has settings so he’s invisible and hard to kill.” My problem was that it was exclusive to him. me and this other guy worked together (this was a raid btw) to take him out, and shotguns, rockets, snipers, and saws did nothing (forgot to mention infinite thrust too, first he’s shooting, then when you see him his in the other room), but the guy with me got the assassination and killed him. We also thought his camo would be gone afterwards but he respawned with camo (Note it also never turned off through his who 37 kill life.) then the person helping me left and it was just me and this guy. so I got a rocket launcher and sniper rifle, and shot him with all 16 of my sniper shots, his shields didn’t deplete. I use all my rockets, shields, depleted but regenerated fast. Then I got a shotgun and saw and used everything in that, and he still didn’t die. I reported him and I don’t know if he’s banned, but if this sounds like hacks, please report him.