Possible fix for UE4 Fatal Error Game Crash!

My fix for UE4 Fatal Error Crash ( So far so good lol )
My settings ( Windows 10 And Windows 11 ):

  1. Goto Windows Power Setting and Select “Performance”
  2. Goto your Nvidia Settings:
  3. Here is my Nvidia Settings:

AA. Click On top right and click on "Restore Defaults.
BB. On top left Select “Manage 3D settings”

  1. Do not select Program settings!
  2. Goto your Nvidia Settings:
  3. Here is my Nvidia Settings:
    3a. image sharpening nvidia = off
    3b. ambient occlusion = off
    3c. anisotropic filtering = off
    3d. antialiasing on = off
    3e. antialiasing Gamma = off
    3f. antialiasing FXXX = off
    3g. antialiasing gamma correction = on
    3h. antialiasing Mode = application controlled
    3i. antialiasing setting = application controlled
    3j. antialiasing transparency = off
    3k. Background application frame rate = off
    3l. Cuda GUU’s = all
    3m. DSR Factors = Off
    3n. DSR smothness = off
    3o. low latency = off
    3p. Max Frame rate = off
    3q. Multi frame sampled AA = Off
    3r. OPme GL = Auto
    3s. Power Manage Mode = Adpative
    3t. Shader Cache = off
    3u. texture filtering anisotropic sample = off
    3v. texture filtering negiative = off
    3w. texture filtering Quality = performance
    3x. texture filtering trilinear optimization = on
    3y. threaded optimization = Auto
    3z. Tripple Buffering = off
    3.3. Vertical sync = off
    3.4 Virtal Reality = Off
    3.5 Virtal Reality Variable Rate = off

When done click on bottom right and click on Apply!

My System Info:
Bios: Updated and No Over clocking! Running stock
OS. Win 10 and Win 11
CPU. AMD Ryzen 3600mhz
MB. Asus Tuff with Wifi
Ram. gskill 16 gigs of F4-3600C18D-16GTZN ( 3600 mhz )
Video: Nvidia RTX 2060 Ultra

This works for me ( SO FAR SO GOOD I HOPE LOL ).
I cannot say these settings will work for you.
I hope this helps for those ppl that game crash because of the UE4 Fatal Error!

I just hope 343 DEVS will fix this “UE4 Fatal Error” ASAP!