After this video, I was inspired to try this.


Load up the mission Requiem on Legendary. Go through the level until you reach the area known as “The Gate” in Spartan Ops. After killing all the enemies and taking the active camo, go back through the cave and back to the open area you were in before.

A Phantom should spawn and drop off 8 Elite Zealots armed with Beam Rifles. After killing them (harder than it sounds, especially if you’re going solo), apparently four UNSC crates spawn across the level.

It’s stated in the video that nobody has found them yet, and it’s unknown what’s in them.

Now, I tried this, and I only got to the part on the bridge, because I didn’t know about the crates at that time. I screwed up, I guess.

The real question is what’s so special about these crates?

Together as a community, I’m sure we can eventually find out what the significance is. This could be a major Easter egg in Halo 4, which this game has been lacking.

At least we can look at the crates.

Someone already found this easter egg and its a dissapointing one. Here’s the comment on youtube by someone who found it.

"But by the way, i found the crates. Its super super super super super super lame. It’s probably one of the most disappointing Easter eggs in all of halo. Here’s why…
When you kill the elites, you are in that “zone”, you must be in that zone for the weapon crates to spawn. BUT, the weapon crates spawn near the Camo you pick up, along the wall in the room after the camo, but they only appear when you are in the Zealot’s zone. Going to the next zone will trigger the crates to de-spawn… So you need to somehow get the crates in the camo zone, while being in the zealot zone… (Great coding 343 you suck)
So to do this, since there’s no way around the zone, you need to break the loading. By going through the loads back and forth and back and forth for about 20 mins before it breaks and loads zealot zone, while you’re in camo zone. And THEN after all that work… 2 rocket launchers in one crate and shotguns in the other 3 crates."

This made me lol, if this is true 343 is truly pathetic.

VanguardsofRequiem really ought to upload a vid of it.

I could delay a checkpoint, kill all the snipers, then stop delaying it so I could have a convenient start for the hunting but it just doesn’t sound worthwhile.

Has anyone seen the Achievement Hunter vid on Waypoint yet? Its a easter egg one, and the easter egg is a effing rainbow. Really?! Thats a easter egg now in Halo? Shows the lack of material for them to show.