Possible Bug?(Sorry if not in right area)

I’ve noticed something, on waypoint(I’m not sure if it’s just halo 4, but it’s still a bug with waypoint. Anyway, I am currently wearing the MarkVI armor and legendary visor I got today. If I check waypoint however, but it says I have warrior equipped. My spartan rank, specialization and emblem, but not my armor. 343i please fix it please.

Do you have a hard drive bigger than 4gigs?

If so then change your armor from the main menu and check

if not then wwe are in the same boat my friend

I hope my armor issue is resolved. I’m supposed to be wearing Warrior everything, with recruit PRME forearms and LGS 50 bulk.
Edit: Resolved. I just changed my armor, changed the stance back and forth, and fixed.