Possibility of Halo 4 PC Port?

Hey, as a long-time Halo fan I’m really looking forward to Halo 4 (as are a lot of people :slight_smile: ), but the Xbox is just awful now. I’m sorry; but it’s the end of the generation and I really don’t want to buy a stupid subscription to a service that is terrible and for a dying console.

I hope you understand that people have wanted a good Halo PC game for a decent amount of time, as well as allowing PC users to ‘get-in’ on this amazing franchise without having to buy a dying, inferior console, and a subscription just to play online.

I know this is brief, (and some super-user on this forum will come along and tell me why I’m stupid and completely out of line) but I’m sure plenty of users would love to see this on PC as well.



Console games ported to computers are always awful, so no.