Possibilities for the Reclaimer trilogy

Warning Spoilers:

During the last terminal it is shown the librarian wants the didact to learn from humanity, now what if the precursors return to exact revenge for the destruction of their race and artifacts. The didact sees humanity worthy of taking up the mantle and then allies with humanity and a galactic war occurs between two factions.

What are your opinions?

Correct me if im wrong, but didnt the Precursors transcend reality? Kind of like what the Ancients in Stargate do?

The precursors were able to via technological advancement travel across galaxies with ease and accelerate the evolution of living organisms

In other words… the Flood is back?? :))

Who knows, the Precursors could bring back an even more evolved form of the flood since they created it. Making it humanity, the covenant and the remaining forerunners against precursors and flood

Yea… but i’m getting a strange sense of Deja Vu with that particular plot development. Hopefully, 343 can come up with something better than our theories.

Read “the Enders Quartet” series by Orson Scott Card. Many themes/conflicts are taken from that series and transplanted into the Halo series. It’s a great sci-fi series, read em’ if you can.