Possibe quarantine zone (desync) glitch fix

So if anyone else has tried co-op halo 2 legendary (or any difficulty for that matter), and on the level quarantine zone run into that horrible desync glitch at the burning building, I might have found a work-around.
Me and a buddy were playing together until we got to this part where the desync keeps us from progressing together, as if we are playing in the same game, but at the same time are disconnected. Eventually it loses connection, all progress, and you have to start the level completely over. Happened to us twice.
So, to fix it we tried this:

  • Before entering the tunnel at the end of the big open area with three wraiths, the tunnel that leads to the area with the burning building impassable to vehicles, both of us get out of whatever vehicle we were in. - Sticking very close together, run through the tunnel, and hang back until the scorpion and wraith are dead. - Stealth run past the enforcer and sentinels, again sticking very close together, and get inside the burning building. - At this point, me and my buddy had not desynced at the usual point, and we basically kept stealthing past the next couple of areas (until the area with the wraith, scorpion, and ghosts. I had my buddy hang back while I stealth ran to the scorpion, got in, and killed the vehicles and stragglers to trigger the checkpoint.)Then we just made sure to stick relatively close around checkpoint areas and not long after that managed to beat the mission with no other problems. Its a very simple solution to an aggravating issue. I don’t know if we lucked out or if there are any other solutions to the Quarantine Zone desync, but I hope that if anyone else runs into this problem like we did, this might fix it for you… (or you could just solo it). Good Luck.