Positive thread / keep up the good work

The multiplayer beta has brought me a lot of joy! It was a nice surprise that it launched early, for free. Can’t wait for the campaign!

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Yes. The core game is WORLD CLASS. So much fun. Can’t WAIT for the campaign. All they need to do is have more playlists in the MP, get a grip on this progression system and the game will be 10/10

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Things I am really liking about the game so far: weapon mechanics are excellent, I especially love the pistol. Combat is pretty smooth and feels like hit-reg is on point. Map design seems to be pretty good. Quick play uses AR starts, I love that. Power weapons don’t absolutely dominate the gameplay which is really nice. None of the abilities/equipment that you can pick up seem to be overpowered. The game is very friendly to both new and returning players. The customization is vast and diverse with lots of room to improve over time. Overall, the game looks and feels like a lot of time has been put in and it also looks and feels like there’s a substantial amount of content that will be added over time. I look forward to many years enjoying this game.

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This. I would like to see more constructive criticism instead of just flaming

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Agreed. There’s issues, sure, but they’re trying. As long as they keep trying, I;m happy.

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I’ve absolutely hated Halo since Reach came out, have been very critical of 343’s ability to make a Halo game that feels like Halo, and expected Infinite to be the final nail in the coffin.

I have never been happier to be wrong. It’s like 343 looked back at Halo 3 and Reach and said “How can we merge these two games, and fix everything that wasn’t great?” Infinite feels like the “natural progression” for what should have released after Halo 3 and it is the most fun I’ve had playing Halo since Halo 3.

That and the big write ups they’d do after the preflights, as well as how quickly they’ve implemented a “hot fix” for the progression system until they can make a more robust change, gives me faith that they are actively listening.

My biggest complaint -is- the progression system, but they’ve literally never done a battle pass before so, like, they can be cut some slack. It’s not like they made the BR a 5 shot kill again. :clown_face:

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Except for the shop feedback.

The dev team has made a fantastic job, the game looks beautiful, it plays even better and since a long time it really feels like the halo I grew up with. I don’t think anybody can argue that they haven’t given their 100% on this.

But then, it feels like the team responsible for the live service part of it just didn’t give a damn and wants to ruin any good work the dev team has made. This to me really feels like battlefront 2 to me, a great game ruined by greedy practices. I just hope they react faster than EA did.

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Boost this! Great overall and the minor annoyances are quickly being addressed.

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I love the new waypoint :heart: I love waypoint in general. It’s just great to see a game’s community have positive and negative feed back about their games so they can have an idea of where to go next. I love seeing if people are having the same in game bugs as me or not. It’s cool to just talk about the what ifs in halo and know that 343 may eventually read about it. I like halo so much and I remembered halo waypoint being a thing in the past with bungie, so a year or so ago, I thought let me check out the waypoint website and read more into halo and it’s just great to go beyond playing the game and reading about the game and what the players have to say. I think it’s great that 343 gives players a voice here.

Well done 343 and congratulations on infinite. So far it’s looking good, BUT I’m seeing an uproar about the battle pass. To me if the biggest problem is cosmetics then you guys are off to a good start. Just keep listening to the community and stay true to halo and it’s fans and the game will please the majority. You can’t please them all, but you can certainly try. I’m definitely very satisfied with what I’m seeing, so far so good. I’m sure you guess have many cool surprises on the horizon and I can’t wait to play the campaign. Until then, see ya on the battlefield Spartans! Sorry Elites, you guys are to hard to head shot in swat :no_mouth:

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Are you having a laugh played three hours of game play got 150 xp needs to be sorted

I’m having a great time playing the game. It dropping on the 15th was a very nice surprise, and it even brought back my friend who didn’t really play matchmaking much, or Halo in general for that matter, but now he’s playing it at every opportunity he gets.

Halo 4 had a great campaign, but the multiplayer side kind of let the game down.

Halo 5: Guardians had a great multiplayer, but the campaign very much let the game down.

Halo: Infinite, so far, has a great multiplayer and the campaign looks like it will be 343i’s best yet. This game looks like it will be this generation’s Halo 3.

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I get that 150xp is a low amount to earn, but surely you completed challenges along the way as well?

Once you get your settings worked out and get comfortable with the gametypes, maps and weapons (and vehicles if your into BTB) you begin to appreciate how good a Halo it is shaping up to be.

Hardest thing for me was actually getting some settings that work well on controller.

This is the best Halo game in my opinion.

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Great to have an appreciation thread!

The beta feels already a lot better then the flights. My buddy’s at first simply refused to play but after a few games all came around and agreed that notice the changes.

I myself am really enjoying the current maps and the new stockpile game mode. Looking forward to all the content coming 8th of December.

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Thank you 343 for giving us a BR start Ranked playlist! My friends & I haven’t had this much fun with Halo in years! Keep it up!

This game rocks! I’m having fun. I think the battlepass is fine.

343’s transparency coupled with a Halo that feels old school yet modern at once is just chef’s kiss

Damn good game.