Positive thread / keep up the good work

Just wanted to say that these guys have been working there butts off for this game, so I thought that we should give them a positive boost to show that their hard work has not been unnoticed :grinning:

So keep up the good work guys and don’t stress to much or push yourselves to breaking point :heartpulse:

I hope to see other gamers leaving nice comments for you guys


I agree. Love the transparency and responses to feedback 343 provides.


Totally agree, hope the staff are okay


Same here I love this game and am hopeful it will keep improving. They are doing great. Especially during a time when most games don’t even work or crash at lauch. The game needs work but I am impressed and having fun :slight_smile:


It’s pretty fun so far, can’t wait to see how it develops over the next few months


Same here my dude, it’s like what they say “ Rome wasn’t built in a day”


Wanted to say a big thank you for your hard work including split screen once again, words cannot fully describe how big of a deal this is to me personally - gives me the chance fo play the next generation of Halo with the next generation on the couch beside me and I big chance to relive positive moments of my childhood with my children. The majority of the game feels very very polished and I am glad to be able to play it. With the amount of content, support and fixes brought in to the Master Chief Collection after launch - I am looking forward to seeing everything brought forward over the next 5 years of Halo Infinite’s development as a live product.


100% agree with this, good work so far and with constructive feedback from the community it’ll only get better.


Have to say the launch has been great and my expectations have been exceeded it’s about as close to perfect as it could be for me personally.


343i deserves some positive notions for releasing this game on the 15th, t’was a bold move that I don’t think is being appreciated. Everyone is complaining about the battle pass and the cosmetics and is completely missing the important thing, THE GAME. It begins to feel like we have a bunch of 6-year-old Fortnite kids playing. 343i deserves the love and respect and the faith that this game will be updated and will not be like a Call of Duty title which is a one-year throwaway money-grab. To believe this heresy is to be against the Great Journey and those that stray must be marked with shame…


Yeah totally agree with this I’m honestly not a huge fan of battle passes and I’d rather loot creates anyday haha

I’m sure I was playing against you last night your name seems familiar

The gameplay is superb! Obviously nothing is perfect and some things could use some work but overall 343 has handled it well. We got the most solid gameplay functionality out of all the big shooters this year.
Tbh I’d rather have the worst (non pay to win) MTX ever with this gameplay than the best MTX ever with slightly worse gameplay.


Absolutely doesn’t matter if they worked like crazy and then decide to cut off their legs 1m before the finish line and ignore most of the feedback they got after 2 flights.

If they don’t come forward with some kind of blog post or roadmap on how they want to fix the progression system, I see a very dark future for this otherwise very good game with an insane amount of potential.

It’s very sad to see Activision and EA having more player friendly systems in place. Why should anyone stay with Infinite if the game tries to actively drain you?

Have you learned nothing from Gears 5? Same problem, good game butchered by the progression and monetization system.


The important thing to remember is that people love the game. That is why there is so much feedback and discourse around the aspects of the game that still need work. Because people love and are passionate about it. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be asking for changes.


Totally agree, this game is a blast.

That people are vocal is good too, because they’re passionate about their experience. And sure, there are some tweaks that can be made, but it’s not like 343 is going to be able to make millions of people happy about everything.

I certainly appreciate that the team delayed the launch from last year in order to deliver a more complete product and something so many people are able to enjoy.

All my support to the boys and girls of 343i, cheer up champions, you are doing great.


The staff are still human, I wouldn’t like it if people started yelling at me at my job saying how to run things without knowing what they are doing.

If you can’t appreciate the work they’ve done you don’t deserve to play the game

And that’s my opinion

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You kinda missed my point I think.

  • I like the game very much.

  • I can’t understand why they would put their hearts into so many aspects and then decide to roll over even after getting a lot of feedback.

Time will tell how the game will be accepted. The potential is there but the current state prohibits any long term player retention.

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I think some items may just get added to the roadmap because of the reality of having very limited resources of time and staff being so close to full launch. This may also be why some things didn’t get actions despite the previous flights - they were busy with other items that, internally, were triaged as a higher priority.

Overall I think they have done a good job of listening to feedback over the years as they don’t really seem to dwell on feedback as “negative” - I have seen devs comment on contentious issues in terms of fan passion for the game, which everyone has different ways of expressing.

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