Positive Feedback


Ive been playing the Halo Wars 2 Beta on the Xbox One console since the open beta aired on July 13th. I’ve played about 6-7 games and my feedback for you devs is all positive. There are plenty of people pointing out negatives, and I disagree with many of them. So I will be focusing on the positives.

To begin, I have played many RTS games. Command and Conquer, Warhammer, a boatload of Starcraft 2, and a few others. So it is safe to say that I know my way around an RTS, however I did not play Halo Wars the original. I repeat. I have NOT played the first Halo Wars title.

With that in mind, I really really enjoyed this beta. Contrary to many other reviews I have read, I enjoy your resource system. Starting off with 800 supplies and 30 power DOES seem fair. You must build a supply bay to start, but after that, your opening strategy is your own and I can see multiple opening builds with the provided amount of resources. In fact, Deathmatch feels like a resource race, where you must starve out your opponent at the power supply points around the map. That is how an RTS should feel. Well done there. The economy feels right compared to other RTS games.

The air-ground-infantry, Rock Paper Scissors, feels BALANCED. I like it a lot. Contrary again to other reviewers. The units are balanced in power and each has a counter. I liked the counters between races as well. The 80 pop cap ALSO feels CORRECT. I noticed that in massive battles where all 4 players on the map were maxed out in army, it lagged a bit due to the processing not happening as fast as the micro, but I understand that consoles have their limitations, and everyone on the map having, say 200 army populations is not feasible. It forces you to build a well rounded army composition and properly make decisions on what unit to reinforce yourself with.

As far as game mechanics go, I am impressed. You made it as simple as possible considering the obvious limitations that a controller has.

All in all, I say well done. I could see this game having competitive play at high levels, even on the console. I will be buying the game on release. It is very fun and enjoyable !