Positive Feedback Only

Hey All,

I’m sure we’ve all seen, posted, and replied in other threads giving our true and honest opinions; both good and bad. In this thread, I’d like to see everyone post what you like most about what the game has going and what you would personally like to see 343 lean into developing/ fleshing out in the future. I think having a separate thread for just positive opinions and what people like will help any devs browsing the forums parse the data easier.

That being said, I think what I’ve been enjoying most about the game is the new abilities (GrappleShot, Repulsor, etc) with the two listed being my favorite. I love swinging around the map and how spicy the Repulsor is with its vehicle jumpstart, deflecting projectiles, and other utilities (Bye bye guy holding oddball on the edge of the map).

What have you been enjoying/ what would you like to se added to your favorite feature?

In contrast to pushing the oddball guy off, you could actually grappleshot the ball back in bounds in the event they throw it or die in midair.

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