Porting MCC to PC.

As a person who has 600+ hours in all the Halo games combined I think that Microsoft/343 should port the MCC to PC, porting the game to steam would help expand halo’s player base by a ton. You might be saying that Halo Wars 2 had horrible sales on PC which is true, but that is most likely caused by the fact that instead of releasing it to steam, they released to the microsoft which limited how many people would actually buy it. Halo Wars got ported to steam and got 170 thousand sales on steam, while that isn’t that much thats the amount of sales for a nine year old game that was ported in 2017, that’s pretty darn good.

I think they should do cross platform with pc
it increase sales and playerbase

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> I think they should do cross platform with pc
> it increase sales and playerbase


I mean I love the idea of porting MCC to PC, particularly steam. But that’s a very expensive and time consuming idea. Porting onto the Windows 10 store is plausible as Xbox One OS is technically a form of Windows and a port onto it theoretically should have minimum bugs (although as Forza Horizon explains, it doesn’t exactly work that way).

Porting it onto Steam would be even harder, and probably only done if the Win10 version completely fails but given the success of HW2 on Win10, I doubt it would. But on steam, the developers would have to port 6 separate games from the last 16 years from various OSs’ onto at least Win7, 8 and 10 as an executable file. Awesome as it would be, I don’t think 343 can see how that is worthwhile in their time when a new game (say Halo 6) could earn them significantly more in much less time. The effort should be getting Halo 6 out ASAP for any sort of significant revenue. MCC on PC will just take time for a chance of gain.

This is probably better suited in the MCC forums, I believe there is at least 1 thread there discussing this right now