PorkChopPlatoon - older Gamer Community recruiting

The Pork Chop Platoon (PCP) is a co-ed gaming community for the older gamer over the age of 25. Established in 2007 as a Call of Duty clan, we have evolved as we have grown to over 1000+ members from around the US, Ireland, Canada, UK, Mexico, and Australia into a community/family.

Since starting out as a COD community we have branched out to a plethora of different games. We have a lot of members playing COD: Modern Warfare/ Warzone/ Black Ops Cold War, PUBG, APEX, Destiny 2, BattleField 4-V, Rainbow Six, Rocket League, Halo 5, World of Tanks, The Division 2, Elite Dangerous, and Gears 5, just to name a few. We are looking to build our player-base in all of these games. We have Community Nights every Friday where we play in Private lobbies running Custom/wacky games or matchmaking, Raids, and Co-op in all of the above games and more.

Good times and camaraderie outweigh kill/death ratios, though we do like to PTFO. We have weekly gaming nights, tournaments, an incredibly mobile-friendly and extremely active Forum with Discord server integration, and an annual LAN party with over 50+ members in attendance!
Guys or gals looking for a place to kick back, have fun, PTFO, and not take the game too seriously should enlist and get in touch with a member of our recruitment team.
We welcome any older gamers to follow us ‘@porkchopplatoon’ on Twitter and visit us at https://porkchopplatoon.com/ to register today!
Join the Pork Chop Platoon and NEVER PLAY ALONE AGAIN!

Note: Just wanted to give a little update here… We usually have an in-person LAN gathering yearly but due to the COVID, we had to hold our LAN event virtually. The Virtual event was a great success and brought on that in-person atmosphere while gaming, chatting, and having a few drinks over Zoom. Good times have been had and plenty more to come! In honor of our 13th anniversary in December we were able to donate everything we raised at our Virtual LAN to 5 different charities!