Por que quitaron la variante de mapas SqadDLC

Hola quisiera saber porque quitaron la variante de sqad DLC en halo reach, ahora ya es muy difícil jugar estos mapas en matchmaking.Dinero tirado a la basura, gracias 343, por arruinar aun mas el universo de halo.

You may want to post in English to avoid getting into trouble.

I’m only in 2nd year Spanish, but I think I understood that without Google Translate. As deluca said, please post in English from now on.

Anyways, it’s been an issue with fans that’s come up from time to time. It’s not cool, in my opinion, but it is how it is sadly.

I understand him just fine. And yeah, it pisses me off that you can’t play DLC you paid hard cold cash anymore because those maps simply don’t show up in the regular rotation and there’s no dedicated playlist for them. There are two final achievements I’ll never get because of this. It’s the same thing with Halo 4. They sell a Season Pass for Crimson-Castle-Majestic and you can’t even play those maps at all. What. The. Hell. 343!?!