Population is dropping because sbmm in social

Sbmm should be removed from social playlists. Its totaly sweaty. I cant even play with my friends and family, because they get destroyed when i play with them. Its no fun.
sbmm in social hurts the population.
Cant even imagine grifball or infection with sbmm.
Fiesta now is bad, because enemys are playing like they have to win an mlg tournamanet.
Social was created to have some fun an play with your friends an not to compete.


I completely disagree. The SBMM is already immensly weak in socoal and results in the fast majority of matches being one-sided. This is what frustrates people and THAT leads people quitting matches and even to stop playing the game.

The only ones who would ‘profit’ from no SBMM are the best skilled players, because they almost never get matched against players there own skill anymore, and when they team up will blow out everyone.

Those ‘friends’ they keep referring too will just have worse times, because even when they search solo they will get matches where they have no chance then. Also this argument doesn’t even make sence, since it’s basicly saying that people who knowingly play with someone way better skilled (and therefore now they will get more difficult matches) should not be ‘punished’ for that choice, so people who don’t chose for that should be punished by getting impossible matches? That is a dumb argument.

Its also telling that many of the players who demand this meanwhile also say that ranked (where SBMM is stricter) is more fun to play. It is the loose SBMM that is the problem, because it keeps getting extreme uneven teams, so that the best player keeps feeling it needs to play at there best to keep the team competative and the lesser players feel they can’t have a function in the game other then cannon fodder. It’s no wonder that a lot of people quit matches, because they have no fighting chance!

It is just complete selfishness from those better players. No wonder they keep opening new topics with the same demands, with no new argument whatsoever. It’s reperative all over and it’s getting super annoying.

to add to your claim. Not only is the too weak SBMM leading to people quitting (not the opposite), but there are just way worse reasons why people quit playing:

  • the game regularely chrashing
  • hit registration not functioning properly
  • BTB not functioning
  • a lack of playlists (no objective playlist, no firefight, etc., etc.)
  • custom games not working properly
  • no co-op campaign
  • no forge
  • etc.

Grifball and Infection, two missing modes that are doing more damage with their absence than how the game matches players. Considering how popular Grifball is despite being full of griefers, the lack of content is clearly the problem here. The same issue killed the first Titanfall despite it being one of the generation’s best shooters.


No need to disagree it’s a fact. People want games they can load in and have fun, every game of quick play feels like a ranked World Cup match. All my friends have stopped playing and went to play competitive modes in actual finished games or ones with more content.


And how do you think most players will feel if they have to fight against way more skilled players almost every match? It would be way worse then playing ranked. In fact, because the SBMM is so loose, they already feel it is worse (they literaly are already saying that!), and it should be even worse for them?! Think outside your own bubble and think about other players for a change.


No you’re just making things up, if players want a “fair” fight they can go play ranked. Sbmm in casual is broken and just leads to you playing against better players constantly


Have a pretty huge thread on this here: https://forums.halowaypoint.com/t/can-social-be-social-again-please/38561


It’s dropping from a variety of factors.

  • Lack of multiplayer maps
  • Lack of playlists
  • Lack of Forge
  • Inconsistent and frustrating weapon performance (Gravity Hammer, Rockets)
  • BTB is still broken and has been for weeks
  • F2Pers are screwed in terms of customization

What do you define as ‘fair’? In ranked a fair match would be people with the same rank against each other (not per se the same skill), but in social fair would be people with the same skill against each other. And ranked is for when you want to get an ‘achievement’ (the rank) and have to care about winning or not, not to be casual. And being outgunned every time for lower skilled players is definitely not casual. That would only be casual for the better skilled players, while the lower skilled players would go to complete hell. That is definitely not casual. On top of that: if those lesser skilled players can only play ranked, then in socials the better skilled players will still only play against each other and you will have no difference then now (except for the middle tier players who now only be stumped upon)

Yes it is broken (that is what i said all along, it’s the people who want it to go away are saying it is working), and that is because it incredably weak and only ‘tries’ to make the team averages the same (not that it succeeds in that). A good functioning SBMM would also make the skills in the teams more evenly divided, so that it becomes more casual.

Social should be casual and the most casual for everybody would be to fight with people about there own skill.
Ranked should be ranked-based (so silvers against silvers, platinums against platinums, onyx against onyx, etc.) and not based on skill. If a very skilled player would be in bronze, it should have an easy match (since he doesn’t belong there and has to rank up as quick as possible) and a lesser skilled player who for whatever reason has ended up in diamond would have very tough matches, since that rank is above his skill. SBMM doesn’t belong in ranked.


But how do you do this in a game where the objective is to win against another team?
You guys are asking for purposely unbalanced matches.
How do you achieve this otherwise?

You want to be paired with worst players then you?

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Personal theory, but I think the matching making is affected by the challenges to make you grind more. Try it for yourself, and I’m pretty sure it’s not confirmation bias.

I posted in another thread, whenever I get the win x game challenges, everything becomes a major sweat fest. I can be top of the leaderboard and carry the team yet still lose frequently. Yet most of the time when the challenges are gone I can intentionally play like crap get carried and my team pulls a win very often. I’ve tested this multiple times.

Things like that don’t help with decent or even random matchmaking


I hope it crashes to the ground. I want digital blood.


Woah woah no need for any form of bloodshed digital or real no need to want the game to die

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I want a reckoning, but only if it hurts their wallets.


Look it’s gonna get better but time is key for the fixes I know the whole it takes time is been used a lot but that’s the right answer like it’s not a simple flick a switch abd it’s done ya know

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all i can say is personally going from halo 5 to infinite i feel so slow now what i do is i log on to check the store because right now im rocking the default armor because i dont like any of it so far


also cause social is just 5 gamemodes all together, there is literally nothing new brought to the table


Umm no. Population is dropping for a lot of reasons and not just social skill levels.
Sure I could name a few like the predatory store or the cheaters or heck the broken multiplayer or the fact that 343i mislead fans about the progression system. There is no 1 single reason for why Infinite is in decline but many.


It’s funny, every single multiplayer shooter on the market starting as far back as Halo 2 has always had SBMM in social playlists and nobody had any problems, yet a single bad COD and now people think it should be removed completely.


I have that same feeling.