Population counter stuck again?

I loaded up Reach this morning and realised the population was the same as it was last night. Right now it shows 12963 players online. Is this just on my end or do other people see this?

Nah, definitely not you. Same number is showing up for me…
Hope it doesn’t stay like this.

343i is upset that Reach has a larger population than Halo 4 so they stuck the population counter. Hahaha!

lol yeah that ran across my mind as well.
Is it still the same? Haven’t been on Reach since Sundsy

Yep still the same

Wow, I was wondering why the population counter was the same for the past week or so. I actually thought, “How long have these people been playing?” lol
That’s incredibly insane if 343i did that on purpose. Haha! Hope it gets fixed soon.

> 343i is upset that Reach has a larger population than Halo 4 so they stuck the population counter. Hahaha!

I usually don’t believe these kinds of theories, but I honestly think you may be right with this one. Is it still stuck? I haven’t been on today.


As of 12:01am on 3/19 the player counter still reads 12963.

The idea that the counter has been actively shut down or even capped is getting a fair bit of play on a lot of fan sites too. Especially sense 12963 is NOT the number of people that was on when it switched from Bungie to 343I.

This needs to be fixed. And both reach and halo 4 need to have DLC playlists added back in, so people with dlc don’t feel like they wasted their money…

I’m sure Reach has a larger population!

The reason is the waiting times for games.

When I’m on H4 I actually like JiP as the wait time for a fresh game can run into over 5 minutes - and this despite the fact players are supposed to be matched regionally, I believe.

With Reach - especially AnniSlayer, my most played variant - by the time the notice “Your NAT type is not open, matchmaking may be slow” flicks off I’m usually teamed up and choosing maps. And though I’m in soon-to-be-free Scotland I’ve been teamed with players from India, South America, Japan, New Zealand etc - and with noticeably less lag and ‘blackscreen’ than on the newer Halo.

I would love to see what the actual pop. figures are…

It’s back to normal again. Thanks 343 :slight_smile: