Populate Matchmaking Search w/ Bots After Certain Time if No Match Found (Social Playlists)

Do you think bots should populate games during lengthy or time-elapsed matchmaking searches? (Social Playlists)
  • Yes (Explain why)
  • No (Explain why)

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TL;DR Please don’t just read the title and vote on the poll. Please read through the post and engage in the discussion. Explain why you answered that way. Vote on the concept, not a specific implementation.

I propose changes be made that will see matchmaking lobbies populate with bots when search times for a suitable match have elapsed the estimated wait time or exceed 2 Minutes (arbitrarily).

I believe this update to be essential for the Integrity of the long-term game and its player base, with numerous benefits. Notably:

  • An increase in player retention - Casual players are more likely to pick Halo for “just a couple games” during time constraints. In addition, active players are simply less likely to become bored of waiting and back out of the queue if wait times were shorter and predictable across the board. This smooths out any dips in population, eliminating snowball effect.

  • Players won’t feel “penalised” or “excluded” when population or skill level contribute to excessive search times, as players may still progress their battlepass, complete achievements, and participate in weekly challenges. XP boosters won’t tick away with only one or two matches played - Tl;dr see bottom of post regarding custom games

Halo Infinite has some very solid bots. In my personal opinion, they are one of the best new additions to the franchise.

I understand that some people may feel very strongly against this suggestion, the main reason being they play multiplayer to play with real people. And some see bots as a less rewarding experience. Despite this, I’m confident that the majority of players would prefer to matchmake into a full/partial bot lobby, rather than remaining on the menu searching.

Even if you, the reader, have no issue finding matches, and you think this update wouldn’t benefit you at all. I encourage you to engage in the discussion and share your perspective

For some people, extended matchmaking times are an every-day issue. For some, a time-of-day Issue. For those in the middle of the bell-curve, it’s rarely an issue. This shouldn’t become a minority voice issue where we point fingers at people because they have problems, and you don’t. No one in our community should be excluded from playing the game. Integrity Updates like this have potential to tighten and further grow our community.

But it shouldn’t be an issue at all. Let’s all discuss this suggestion and vote on the poll. Do you think bots should populate during lengthy or time-elapsed matchmaking searches?

Just some food for thought - With all the talk about pro players being given bad team-mates to force a loss, wouldn’t it be better to give them recruit level bot team mates , or instead match them against higher skilled bots to force the loss? you’d be keeping more real players in the matchmaking pool, and you’re not ruining the experience of those less experienced / newer players who only got matched to act as cannon fodder. Best of both words IMO. The Devs can have their shenanigans with match results, and you’re still left with real players queued for an organic match. Win Win :joy:

TL;DR: Yes. custom games exist. They’re really fun. However, they should NOT be the only way to guarantee a match in a multiplayer game. DO NOT confuse this topic inversely. We are NOT discussing including custom games in progression. That conversation is a different mammoth

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I agree. I think it would be fun to have a match with a bunch of bots and you could stomp on them if the game cant find you a match in a reasonable amount of time.

Question: wouldn’t that mess up how ‘rare’ certain medals are? Like you could probably get sprees that weren’t possible in normal matchmaking.

Also, why are you quoting chris brown? He beat up Rihanna like really badly; he doesnt seem like someone worth quoting

some games do this some games don’t, something like bots would help mitigate team balance, say if a team member left whether of their on volition or some other circumstance, it would be better to have a bot then to leave the team now down a player completely out to dry. I probably wouldn’t do it for higher skill brackets but for lower tiers, with players new to the game it would be beneficial to give them a smoother introduction, if they’d otherwise struggle to find a match

The quote was relevant towards getting into matches