Pop up Challenge menu

So I’ve been playing Halo infinite sense the first flight and I love it. sure it has its problems but nothing that ruins the game for me…
Except for one thing and that one thing is that I keep forgetting what my challenges are because there is no easy way to check them.
You see I have memory problems to the point where I can get distracted for a second and forget what I was trying to do (I should probably get it checked out but I’m too lazy) so when I’m playing Halo infinite I have been repeatedly forgotten what my challenges are or the specifics of those challenges.
What I an suggesting is to ad an area inside the menu (perhaps in the same pop up menu where you can see your teammates) so that you can see your challenges in game.
If you were to ad this it would help me a lot and I’m sure it would also help others please consider this I’m sure it shouldn’t be too hard to implement (compared to people asking you to change the entire progression system)
Thank you for taking the time to read this!!