Poor Ranking system + Social playlists??


My first point -

I miss Halo 2’s ranking system. The ranking system in Halo 2 made it so, in most cases, the better players were the higher ranks, and the lesser players found it very difficult to get higher ranks. You could also lose ranks if you lost games.

Team games In Halo 2 were REAL team games. If the team won it contributed far more to your rank. If the team lost, you lost also. You HAD to work as a team and communicate, and everyone looked out for each other.

Now it’s just every man for himself. Even in objective games people are just entirely selfish and only care about their own score. I agree that there should be some performance based thing added to it, because it shouldn’t just all be about which team wins, because I remember how annoyed I used to be when I played well, and my team mates were awful…

However, at least Halo 2 forced true team work, and achieving higher ranks just felt so good. I remember as a 16 year old, getting to rank 30 and bouncing up and down. It was a great feeling.

On to my second point -

Why do playlists like Flood count towards your rank? And why are guests allowed to play in games which contribute towards EXP also?

We need to have skill based playlists that count towards rank, and also social playlists which are just for fun.

Also I forgot to mention -

Each playlist had it’s own rank.

You could get your own rank for Team Slayer, Team Snipers, Team Objective, Big Team Battle, Rumble Pit/FFA. ETC.

It found that a lot more fun.

rank in this game means jack -Yoink-.

Agreed. It doesn’t really feel good to get your rank up anymore.