Poor Performance with the lowest settings (Campaign)

I am following up on my problem that I quoted above. I found how to fix my problem, it comes from the “Maximum frame rate” option in the video settings. My screen is a 240Hz, if I limit the frame rate to 60, 80 or 120 I get stuck at 40FPS, but if I switch to the maximum frame rate of my screen it works and my FPS goes up.

Maybe this will help someone!

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I feel your pain. I posted a couple of days ago elsewhere about performance as well. Gtx 1060 6g, i7- 8870, 16gddr4.

Nothing spectacular there but everything was fine on medium settings until I hit open world. I went from 70ish to barely averaging 30. Oof. Wtf??

My laptop is getting a bit old but it can run Forza Horizon 5 on high with super smooth performance as well as most other newer games so this was a bit of a shock.

Been all over looking for fixes but at the end of the day, the consensus is poor optimization all around. Especially for older cards. Nvidia Shield even says I don’t meet minimum specs. Which I do.

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If I set everything to the lowest I barely get 40 fps. you have to raise the fps artificially by using the minimum frame rate setting. Choose 60. and it will automatically scale the resolution down so the frames go up. You can do that by lowering the resolution scale AND raising the minimum frame rate. I can make default at 35fps run at 120 if I did that. GL!

h ttps://i.imgur.com/V18ziph.png

You are doing it exactly wrong… Now use exactly those settings but raise minimum framerate to 60 lol. if you raise it to 120 youll probably get 120 fps with the resolution scale that low. if you turn it off it wont help you scale anything except exactly the resolution you have selected. and if you raise the minimum itll lower the quality of the set resolution to automatically display more frames. your just trying to lower the scale yet your still trying to maximize the graphical quality of the lowest resolution selected. lol.

On a AMD RX590 8GB and Intel 4690K CPU (nothing overclocked) I get a mostly steady 30 FPS if I use the in game settings to cap it at 30. This fixes the terrible frame times at higher frame rates so Halo actually feels smoother and faster even though its @ 30 FPS. It occasionally drops to 28 or 29 in complex areas. If so I drop down the scaling from 90 to 80 or just put up with it. Unlike other games I’ve found Halo to be mostly responsive at 30 FPS. Also I suspect the minimum requirements are @ 30 FPS although I have not confirmed this.

h ttps://michaelzfreeman.org/getting-round-halo-infinite-pc-bugs-to-restore-highest-performance-async-compute/

everyone seems to be posting conflicting info.

in my experience the game is too laggy capped to 30fps.

async on / off makes no difference.

one can ignore the max cap, it’s the min cap that is the issue and has to be set to your panel hz / fps which in my case is 60.

if it’s off i get 40-60fps but mostly around 40-50 and it’s laggy / stuttery.

60fps cap is very smooth with the odd micro stutter when saving checkpoints and a dip to 57/58fps.

the opening missions were solid 60fps, no stutters at all and no dips and all my settings were on medium.

it’s only when i got to the open world i found my fps dipped too often and so lowered everything to low to maintain 60fps.

hd textures installed, tried with them uninstalled and get the same performance.

i7 6800k
gtx 1060 6gb
no overclocks.
game on ssd.
windows 10 on ssd.

You do realize majority of us has AMD’s GPUs right?

But it seems like the performance is slightly better on Nvidia’s.
However it’s very unoptimized overall.

I’ve made a thread on AMD forums about the issue, please file tickets through Radeon software as well and post in the thread, I’m trying to keep the momentum going!



yeah, i know. This really feels like a console port rather than a “built for pc” release.

martketing bs.

I came here to moan about the same thing! I was so amped about this even bought a series X controller today because my RX570 Sapphire 8GB was cruising 60FPS.

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Please file support tickets with 343i and AMD through your drivers, and here’s an optimization guide I made to help people play the campaign. All we can do is raise hell and hope they listen

Unplayable at 90 ahaahhaahah

MSi gaming laptop
gtx 1060 6gb
16gb ram
1080p 60hz screen
windows 10 and game on SSD
the intro levels ran flawlessly with drs enabled at medium to high settings, as soon as we got out in the open world my framerate crashed, and even with drs to the max with everything low the framerate isnt a consistent 60fps, so the framerate lock and or drs in this game is busted and isn’t working as it should. i even installed the newer nvidia driver 497.29 which was recommended in their PC Hardware specs and drivers post on halo support which i think they updated but no improvements. For context, i can run Red dead 2 at medium to high settings at full 1080p and get better and more consistent framerates than this game. plz fix 343

fully updates drivers
graphics settings minimum
fps min set to 30
8 GB ram
144hz monitor
windows 10 and game on SSD
Hi, I installed the campaign 3 weeks ago, played the first few levels, got to the open world part and my frames went from 60-70 to 10-20, which is very unplayable. I have tried every trick to maximize frames, nothing has changed the framerate by even 5. I then stopped playing for 2 weeks and I got back on today to try and fix the problem, again with no luck. I would be happy with 30 fps at this point but can’t even get that. Payed 60$ for this game and I am unable to play it. SUPER ANNOYING! Also my graphics glitched out today and now a bunch of the gun and terrain models are just gone. WTF!?

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Originally I had a similar problem. Solid framerate in the linear levels, massive drop in the open world portion. What fixed it for me was doing a fresh install of the latest drivers for my graphics card direct from AMD’s website, not from the driver software you likely have installed. After doing that, suddenly the FPS difference between open world and linear levels was more along the lines of about 10-15 frames.

It worked! Thanks so much!
I’m now getting 30-40 frames in the open section

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Did you install the normal driver or the infinite specific one? I tried the normal one straight from the website and while the framerate is definitely better, the video quality is still as bad as before.

I installed the normal driver.

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I have an Acer Predator with those exact same specs and it took me a while to find a good setup too. I’m assuming that your Nvidia shield doesn’t recognize the game as well so auto-config isn’t an option. Basically run it on low with only textures on medium:/ it should show something like 3.99g of vram being used or around there.

I can usually maintain 50-60 fps so it’s not too bad I guess. But yeah, this game is horribly optimized:(

Let’s keep the momentum going! Keep an eye on those tickets, and file new ones if your old one was closed!

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