Poor Performance with the lowest settings (Campaign)

Around the first areas I’ve had around 60 fps (but it varies). Sometimes it pops up higher put rarely, but most often it goes down to 40. But at least I got past the first areas. Cutscenes and certain sections of the game however had few major fps drops.

But now that I got into the part where the world opens up… FPS drops significantly to around 20-30 fps, making the game quite unplayable.

These performance issues (including desync in multiplayer) should be the first priority to update.


I’ve got RX 580 8gb, which is the only component that I should upgrade but compared to other games that run fine with this GPU… this is heavily unoptimized at the moment.

And my overall thoughts on the state of the game just saddens me completely. Lack of content in multiplayer. Messed up monetization and progression. And now poorly performing campaign… It is like every aspect of the game is somehow unfinished.

And no… I’m not asking to make the monetization free like some want to assume in other threads, when someone complains about it. I want it to be better and more engaging than it currently is. It’s fine to go for profit but going after it by cutting corners and content is not the right way. Do we still call this a beta or do we start calling it early access?

Images of the performance and settings

h ttps://imgur.com/a/LM1g5CJ

Edit 1:
This can’t be just a rendering issue although that does affect the performance. I’m looking at a wall and the fps is still around 40 fps… (Usually it would hop to over 100fps if you look away from big areas directly at a wall or ground). Either the game is not using my PC to the fullest or the game has not been programmed efficiently.

Edit 2:
Linking to another post that has the same issue as this one.
h ttps://forums.halowaypoint.com/t/halo-infinite-is-unplayable-for-rx-580-and-a-few-other-amd-cards/40756
Remember to make a ticket so the devs realize that this is a huge problem currently. It’ll add more weight for it to get fixed as soon as possible.


I’ve noticed my FPS only changes by 5-10 between ultra and low, and even if i render at 2160 or 768p, my fps is almost the same no matter what.
Cpu utilization stays right at 53% as well.
So poorly optomized
Running the latest radeon drivers as well, 21.12.1


Same here unfortunately. Ive been so excited, but these optimisation problems are ruining it for me. Nothing I do helps it. Even the quality is so low, the birds look like triangles, it’s still 25-30 fps max. I know game devs need better working conditions and holidays, so I don’t expect them to break their backs for the game, but man I hope they fix this before holiday break.


There is a “secret” Radeon driver for this game. It’s called software adrenaline for Halo Infinite. Google it or check the Halo Infinite support page. It upped my fps by 20. Running 6700xt at 1440p. Made the game playable at average 90fps.

I have seen this and assumed it was included with the latest drivers (optional ones).

I’ll check this out and report if anything has changed.

But currently I have another problem that I can’t start the game anymore since it takes me to “Game Services” in microsoft store from the xbox app… Like what the hell is going on ._.

I made the same mistake assuming it was included in the regular driver updates, but it’s not. As for the game services thing that’s just Microsoft’s launcher being buggy. Google some fixes for it. MCC had the same issue. Unfortunately there’s nothing 343 can do to solve that one.

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Unfortunately latest drivers only have improvements for RX 6000 series GPUs atm, they don’t help older cards at all.


Dang that’s depressing. Still, weird practice in general for the game devs to put optimization responsibilities on gpu manufacturers.


Yeah, the times have changed for the worse in that respect, many titles will straight up refuse to run unless you have a driver made past a certain date installed.

Everyone who is having performance issues needs to file a support ticket with both 343i and AMD, I already have!

I already submitted one with AMD. 21.8.2 unironically runs better than than 21.12.1 and the Halo Infinite ready driver. Chances are I won’t be able to play for the following week anyways, so I would appreciate it if somebody could update on any significant performance improvement on AMD cards (400/500 series especially)

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I have this on a 5800x and RX 6600XT. No matter what setting I use, even windows settings like game mode, changes nothing. I play at 1080p, the game is on an SSD and I have 32GB of RAM. This is actually a joke, Star Citizen runs better than this and that game is not known for its optimization (it also looks a hell of a lot better).

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Didn’t do anything for my RX 570.
Performance was almost the same between 21.12.1 and the optional 20.40.x.x game ready driver for Infinite.
However I seem to be lucky as I get a constant 30-40fps on all low at 980p. Not ideal but enough to play through the campaign.
Really hope they have a driver fix coming soon for us older card users since I can’t really upgrade with the current market as it is.


I feel your frustrations. I’ve been crashing in multiplayer since the third day of release, and now I’m crashing in campaign. It’s literally unplayable for me.

I also have RX 580. I am in the same boat. I can get 35 fps MAX and that is on the most potato setting possible. Yes, I have deleted high-res textures also. How is it that this game runs more poorly than at-launch Cyberpunk? I am beyond disappointed. 343 please help with this issue, I want nothing more than to enjoy this game, but this has seriously ruined my first impressions. I feel bad for those of us with RX 580’s or comparable that actually paid $60 to get this. It’s unplayable in this state.


I was actually thinking of snagging a 6600 XT for this game if they don’t fix it soon, but I guess killer GPUs even 2x faster than mine and OP’s suffer from lousy optimization for a game primarily designed around running on similar hardware to the latest consoles.

I have an AMD Radeon RX 6800XT graphics card and it’s horrible, I play in Ultra I had for about 130 FPS until I reach the open world, the ring surface. I went straight down to 30 FPS, I don’t go over 40 anymore. My VRAM is half used at about 7GB out of the 16GB available. I tried to uninstall the HD texture pack, switch the graphics settings to Low and nothing changes! Still stuck below 40 FPS.
It’s really annoying.

if youve met the min requirements to play you should be able to pull at least 60. but ive not played the campaign i duno how much more demanding it is. set your minimum as high as it goes and if the game crashes knock it down one knotch. and try again. raising the minimum will auto scale down the resolution to keep the fps high. without you noticing. if all else fails you can turn min off completely and manually lower the resolution scale to raise your fps.

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I have a Vega 64 I was averaging 65 at 1440p on high in the initial sections. Open world it basically dropped to 20-30 fps. I’ve pretty much had to play the campaign on the lowest possible settings to get 60fps. Optimization on the campaign is basically like the multiplayer was in the first tech test.

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Not sure if you read the title but there is no setting to set lower anymore. Every setting I have is already set to the lowest and there is no way to get 60fps.

And I have minimum set off and manually set the render scale to lowest it goes. And it still cant hit 40 when looking at scenery. (Not sure how the images are visible but the fps on top right is constantly going off between 36-39. And if I move around it stutters.

Remove the space between the links, not sure why you can’t upload or add links to images. Makes just everything so difficult.


h ttps://i.imgur.com/sbx7tKE.jpg


h ttps://i.imgur.com/XcaQhEG.png
h ttps://i.imgur.com/kWoQoe9.png
h ttps://i.imgur.com/j8kSUHh.png
h ttps://i.imgur.com/V18ziph.png

VRAM Usage

h ttps://i.imgur.com/LoEOsO5.png

PS. I’ve also closed every program + my browser when I’m replying here no need to worry there. I’ve taken everything to account with background programs.

Edit: Here’s a link to all of the images above. No need to copy and paste one by one anymore.
h ttps://imgur.com/a/LM1g5CJ