Poor norwegian translations

The translations to Norwegian in the halo 4 menus are not great. In fact we have no good way of changing the menus back to English, either. Most Norwegian reviews have mentioned this, and Im sure youll find it comments on forums elsewhere. A lot of the translations are okay, but when it misses the mark it really does. There are three facts that might help to explain why this is so;

a) The translator(s) are not gamers, or do not have much experience with halo games in order to understand core game play mechanics and terminology.

b) Any translator in Norway have very limited time on each title the translate, in order to make a decent living. Firms require varying qualifications from their translators, and the competition is stiff.

c) It is understandable that whoever is commissioning the translations in the US won`t be fluent in Norwegian, as well as people in Microsoft Norway(?) lacks competence in games/the halo-verse.