Poor Matchmaking still

I just played 3 games of Halo 5 Big Team Battles and still getting uneven teams. Why I say this is because People like to slow down the game now by sitting in a Rats hole camping sitting in corners not moving around forcing people to leave cause they want to camp in corners. This needs to stop and it’s only getting worst with Halo. We us Gamers that has been playing Halo since Halo 2 multiplayer have been saying this the whole time and yet we have been getting ignored. Start dealing with people who camps and sits in corners We are tired of seeing Slow unskilled players ruin games that way and this needs to stop. We have been asking to add a Count down timer on sitting in 1 spot the whole time. These people need to understand if you camp you will get over run, and yet these People who say they will make the game better is a lie, they are making the games worst and they aren’t understanding how us gamers feels about campers and cheaters who glitches.

Please fix this and start adding Timers for those who want to sit in corners the whole game and also glitch out of maps again this is getting worst and worst and it’s making the game for good and pro players harder to get wins in Online Multiplayer games.

Holy -Yoink- learn to grammar.

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> it’s making the game for good and pro players harder to get wins in Online Multiplayer games.

good and pro players don’t play BTB or Warzone. Those playlists are for casuals.

My gut reaction is: What on earth makes you think that you have any business telling anybody else how to play the game? If you want your entire team to play in some specific way then you need to put together your own team before you go into matchmaking. If I wasn’t a camper then your attitude would turn me into one out of sheer spite.

Damn, a new update and still poor matchmaking. I don’t understand if I am a ranked player, why do I get stuck vs. unranked? I am not the worlds greatest player, but I am so tired of being put on teams with people who cannot get a kill. It is almost always an unranked person who goes 1 and 14 or thereabouts. It ruins the game play for all of us. There is no reason why the matchmaking is still this poor. Either we are ranked and play ranked people or it is just a crappy game and will never be up to snuff as was Halo 2 or 3. We all say it time and again. The current manufactures have no idea what matchmaking is all about. They must have been babies when the original halo game hit shelves. I especially enjoy not being able to rank because I don’t win. That is what made halo so great, if you played well, you ranked up. If you stunk, you didn’t. Pure and simple. This ranking system gives you a halo rank and a playlist rank. The overall rank means nothing since it is XP based and can be boosted just by playing warzone. I’ve played the entire franchise and it keeps getting worse. I really enjoyed buying a new xbox just to play this junk. In the end, I’m the fool I guess because I’ve spent the change getting the One and guardians. I was on the fence with 5 and now I won’t play 6 unless it is a 20.00 dollar game, can’t see the justification to keep investing in a franchise that doesn’t invest in its players.

I don’t really have uneven teams, however I do find that I get paired with the same people over and over again.