Poor matchmaking, questionable gameplay

I just came back to Halo after a long hiatus after playing 3, Reach and finally put it down after 4s Multiplayer. I don’t know what the deal is but I keep getting placed in matches that are WAYYYY above my skill level. I play alone for the most part and I’m always put up against full parties, some with Achilles, etc. I lose more often than not, I’m outgunned more often than not and a lot of the times I find myself scratching my head in frustration. Shotgun has a crazy distance now? Snipers glow when aiming at people giving away your position? Can’t mount enemy vehicles in firefight?

I know, “git gud” and all that but am I the only one who thinks that a lot of these changes were half baked and not thought out? Like, mobility is awesome. I like the idea of boost being a permanent thing and doing away with armor abilities. Same with Sprint. Clamber is awesome, but the hover, slide and forced Spartan Charge seem unnecessary. I found how to turn off the Hover, can’t seem to find a way to turn off the Spartan Charge though. I’m not saying to remove it, just give an option to turn it off like Hover.

To be fair, I really like the game. Gameplay is fun regardless of flawed weapons, AI, matchmaking, vehicles getting stuck on nothing and bouncing off invisible walls, etc. Maybe its just something I’m not picking up on? Or is this a pretty popular opinion. Every one I’ve talked to seems to think this game is flawed beyond repair or it’ the greatest effin game ever created in Halo. Help? Lol.

You not liking things, doesn’t make them a support issue. Please keep the support section clear for actual troubleshooting issues.