Poor connection in Halo 4!

Why is there no region search in Halo 4?
What about those who do not live in America, and are constantly being put into games that have American hosts?
343 haven’t done much wrong with Halo 4, but with the few things where they have gone wrong, it’s quite noticeable.
Pretty disappointing.

I have to agree with you! The whole day yester day and this whole morning, I’ve been put into matches were there is a host from the US. This makes the game so unfair at most of the times, shots getting delayed, dying behind walls and what not. I think that dedicated servers would have been a better thing to have. Just like in Gears of War 3, that was perfect.

I had a few laggy games yesterday, and that doesn’t really help me out when playing Team Snipers now, does it? It’s kinda surreal to hit somebody in the head and then only getting the kill a second later.

It’s not just connecting to overseas hosts that’s the problem.
I was just playing with one of my friends, he lives less than a 10 minute drive away. We were lagging so badly with just to two of us in Spartan Ops, we ended up doing kamikaze runs in hopes of even hitting the hunters with our grenades.