Pool of Radiance

Is it just me, or does the thing suck compared to the standard FRG and Light of Urs? I hit the spot not but one step next to a guy, and he took no damage. Barely a miss and the 3x explosion didn’t do squat. Maybe it’s more of an anti- vehicle weapon and I used it wrong? Wasn’t my REQ, I scavenge off of the battlefield for power weapons.

I used mine when we had all 3 bases on escape from arc. I was in the enemy armoury and shot it at the door while the enemy was rushing in. Seems like the only useable place, imo. Though the fuel rod cannon isn’t really that great anyway.

Pool of Radiance is fairly good for bosses. The continued AOE damage works well, and the weapon really helped me complete my Warden kill commendation. Outside of that use, I give them to friends that have not tried one yet.