pondran las flamas azules de nuevo?

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yo pienso que algun dia pondran las flamas azules de nuevo y ojala sea a si ya que yo las quiero

Good morning.
To start, it is against the rules to post in a non-English language here on Waypoint, and Waypoint currently is not equipped with a translator. I however do know what you are asking about, the Eternal Armor effect, in which I must answer as so:

‘Copy and paste from previous Blue Flame thread’

The Eternal Armor effect was given out by Bungie as a parting gift to it’s loyal fans for Bungie Day 2012. The Eternal Armor Effect is associated with the Bungie nameplate, they are connected through coding. If you have the Bungie nameplate, you have ‘blue flames’. If not, then you don’t (Unless you utilized an ill-legit method, which the Banhammer will detect once you go online).

When Bungie passed the rights and data to Halo to 343 Industries, they did not hand over the rights to the nameplate system for Halo: Reach. Because of this fact (As well as copyright reasons I’m sure), 343i cannot give out the Bungie nameplate that the Eternal Armor effect is attached to and because of that 343i cannot give out the Eternal Armor effect.

Hope this helps and have a nice day now.