POLL: Would you rather two new maps, or a fix for desync?

  • Two Maps
  • Fix Desync

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There’s no way the people designing new maps would be the same people working on desync.

Not to mention, there are plenty of maps from previous games that could easily be recycled.

But desync is one of the biggest problems in this game. It makes the game not fun to play no matter how many maps there are.


Both make the game more playable in different ways, but the desync is so bad sometimes I just don’t want to play the game at all. I can stand having to play Launch Site again if it means I don’t die multiple times every game to people shooting me through walls.

I don’t think it is too much to ask for both.


For me it’s De-synch and not being able to select the Best server for me to play on (so I don’t have 80% of my matches on European servers with 250+ ms ping times when I’m in Alberta Canada).

There is Zero Point in adding new content when the base game play is so broken. That;s like adding a Juke Box and a Snack bar to a hotel that is sinking into the swamp with no foundation to stand on.

Easy. Both. Might as well throw in some Halo for good measure.