POLL: Will Forge Help Bring Back Players?

  • Yes! Forge Will Bring Back Players!
  • No! Forge Will Not Bring Back Players!

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For all the great things Forge has done in past games, I don’t really think i343 is up for the task of utilising it to its full extent.

As a casual, game hopping player, who do love Halo, I didn’t really get that much impact of Forge past Reach apart from the occasional map thrown into the Multiplayer rotation.
Don’t get me wrong it’s an incredible tool, the issue I see is that i343 will both the release and the tools required to utilise Forge creations won’t exist, or at best be broken.

I hear Customs doesn’t work properly, and we don’t have a Custom game browser either, much less heard of one currently in the pipelines.
The friends I used to play Halo with, and do whacky customs on have been reduced to a handful. We only had patience for a few rounds the last time because we thrived in the early games on the chaos of many players. Duck hunt isn’t fun with five people, neither is Sumo etc.

Action Sack for all that it’s worth, I feel the same thing with, fun for a few laughs and then the realisation settles that it’s more fun with friends. Friendly teasing, internal jokes, laughing with each other over silly things that you’ve come to know each other for, and accept them for it.

Forge alone will not bring the big population back, I unfortunately doubt it.


You are correct Custom Games has been broken since the release of Halo Infinite and we still do not have a Custom Game Browser or Forge. :frowning:

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With what I’ve seen so far in leaks (call a plumber there are too many) its going to be interesting, and I can not wait to mess around with the new forge environment myself. Everything people have been making so far even though it hasn’t been released looks pretty cool. I’m hoping it will bring more excitement and some much needed positivity back into the halo community.

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It won’t be as successful without a good fileshare and custom games browser.

Noone on my friendslist players anymore because of lag and desync. Noone wants to play a game where they feel like they’re being killed behind walls/cover


The Forge leaks look awesome! Can’t wait to get get so I can make a Halo Online Map Called “DiamondBack” We will have file sharing from what I have seen on Youtube!

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Forge will only bring back the type of players that don’t care about Matchmaking and would rather play custom games. Which is a small amount of players.
The only a way to bring back players will be to actually fix the game and stop coming up stupid excuses for everything and making pointless updates to something they themselves put into play to make community think like they are actually fixing the game but in reality they aren’t.


Let me consult my magic 8 ball.

It won’t bring me back. I’m waiting for a good pve mode, and only then it’s a maybe.


I voted no but that said it will bring back a few people. The die hard forgers it would but otherwise no it won’t. Unless Halo Infinite gets massive fixes to its many issues, gets key playlists like ranked team Slayer in and gets a really good PvE mode (Like say, Oh I don’t know… Firefight!!) I don’t think anything else will really bring back people.

Yeah sure campaign co-op will get some people to come back momentarily, as would new story driven DLC but that’s it.

So far overall Halo Infinite has been a huge letdown. I mainly blame the upper Management at 343I (Not really Microsoft) and the choice to make multiplayer free to play. I kind of hate saying this because I love the idea but also making the game on PC as well. They should have just focused on Xbox and only on the new Xbox. Once it’s been out for a while and gotten kinks worked out maybe it could be ported to PC later or something but I definitely would not have done it off the bat.


If 343 does what they did in previous Halos, all Forge is going to be is random Custom games with Challenges turned off (unless maybe you can have a specific setting enabled to allow Challenges) and an official rotated playlist called “Community something.”

Once Forge content gets approved and put into official playlists where it can be found all throughout matchmaking, that is when Forge will start making a difference to the overall game. But until then, only players who primarily play Custom games and players who play around in Forge are going to come back and that is a small percentage of the player base.

It will bring the players that want to forge… I don’t really use forge so doesn’t matter much to me.

I voted no because the group of players that I met on Halo 2 and played basically only Halo games until 343 took over and not 1 said they will try it. I guess they got what they wanted by appealing for a broader audience.

Yes sir you are 100% correct. I know buddy, I’m one of them! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Why do you write peace at the end of each sentence

I love Peace and Freedom and Freedom Of Expression. Freedom from Disturbances. I am a pretty laid back person.

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it wont bring back many people, bc there isn’t much game to support it (but i could be wrong).
the main problem will remain the same: the game being designed to sell MTs and everything else just takes the backseat. (sadly the game seems to be successful in this regard, bc people keep spending. i guess: congrats 343, goals achieved)

Forge will bring casual Halo fans back more than a singular season. From what has leaked out, this forge (along with file share. Customs browser will be nice, but I doubt that’s coming) will be amazing.
However, will it bring the “broader audience” that 343 sought to take from battlefield and COD? (which successfully did since their entries released worse than Infinite, but they also got fixed sooner) I don’t think so. The game will need a relaunch for them to get a fraction of them back. But we’ll get a relaunch another year or two down the line. By then the game will probably be entirely different from the Halo Infinite we have now.

Yes, it will bring players back, but I’m sure given the fact of how infinite has been handled with all it’s issues that many have legit concerns. 343 is no different than Bungie at this point that I can’t tell the difference between both business when it comes to their work ethics…

1, Play testing is less and less these days that content is just being push out the door and called good.
2, Content that is released is released with issues more often than not.
3, The quality of the content being designed has less effort put into it.
4, The shop has become a priority of the entire game that there are concerns about the forge.
5, Looking at Halo 5 forge world, and all the issues that have never been fixed like lighting that is a major issue.

I could go on, and we all know forge world will bring players back even myself to check it out, but 343 has a lot of work ahead of them and how much effort is put into it and what decision were made for it will determined if players will stick around or not.

That really depends on a couple things,
Depending on the State that forge launches in.

-It needs to be Feature complete, Not in a “beta” Forge state.
-It needs to be functional, It cannot be like Theater mode and prone to crashing.
-It needs to have supporting feature,
Like File Share, Community Curation, and Proper Lobby making.
Without These features Forge simply does not work,
Especially when forge work it usually done with a team of people working together to make maps.
-Forge needs to launch with a community playlist, an Actionsack, for people to be excited for all the potential the forge can bring to the table.
-It needs to launch with More casual game modes, we need Infection.

Honestly the biggest concern for me is that.

Forge CANNOT be monetized.
If they add a financial cost to using the feature, It will Alienate 95% of the community.
Having to pay to publish maps, or having to pay money for Access to Forge/Forge content will absolutely kill the game. No one will want to come back to a game that immediately wants them to break out moms credit card.
I repeat, Forge CANNOT be monetized, or it will fail.