Poll: Who is going to wait for co-op to play campaign?

  • Wait for co-op
  • Play solo day one
  • Don’t care about the campaign

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Even if it launched with co-op I’d play it solo first, co-op after. I’m happy to wait until next year.


I’ve never played a Halo game co-op first. In the days of old I’d play Normal Solo, Legendary Solo, then Legendary Co-op. In recent years I’d just jump right into Legendary Solo. And no one I know plays Halo anymore so co-op is moot.

And now I’m sad.


Honestly I have the game reserved but if all I’m going to get for $60 is a single player campaign I’m probably going to wait. Maybe once they fix all the issues with MP and add co-op I’ll drop the money for it.

I’ll play solo just 'cause I want to play it. But I’m extremely disappointed with no co-op, as my friend and I played every game co-op on day one on every release until now.


Same here, used to run Halo CE on legendary multiple times a week.

I’m not playing campaign on day one.

Nope. I have to wait until day 2.

Working interstate sucks.


I’ve never played any Halo, and I’ve payed them all, co-op. I play solo on Normal, or second to last hardest difficulty, if that’s a thing, and then I’ll play it on the hardest difficulty, and finally on the easiest difficulty, to clean up any leftover achievements.

Edit: Must’ve been drinking when I posted this.

…I’ve never played Halo co-op, and I’ve played them all, solo.

Outside of Halo 5 I’ve never played the campaign’s in co-op first. So it’s solo day one for me.

Even with coop at launch if play songle player. Id use coop maybe if my buddy wanted to try it, or if doing laso with somone. Plan on doing laso solo though as well.

Waiting, not gonna give full price to an incomplete product.


I’ll play coop if there’s a coop achievement.

Iv’e not waited this long to wait for co-op, I always play solo at first anyway :smiley:

Plus I’m shutting off social media, forum and everything I can to avoid any spoilers, gonna play through at my own pace

I will probably play solo but not sure if it will be day one but it will be sooner rather then later. Most of my co op partners like to skip cutscenes so I will save co op for later.

I’m gonna use the 1€ first month trial for Game Pass to try the campaign and see the story, but I will not spend 60€ until coop is added.

I’m really disappointed about the lack of campaign co-op, but I still plan to play it solo.


I’m so glad it’s free on Game Pass. I’m not going to pay for a Halo without co-op. I’m still playing the campaign solo, but my heart is broken that I can’t get in some jolly cooperation with my bestie. We’ve prefer to play Legendary co-op together first before anything else.

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