Poll: Who else is sitting on the sidelines today?

My wife will not give it to me, I know I’m getting it for Christmas. So I ratted around under the Christmas tree this morning looking for it. Not there. I looked all through our bedroom, can’t find it. I’m going to search the kitchen, the spare bedroom and the office, when I get a chance. At this point, my wife is trying to get a divorce - LOL
There’s a countdown thread, here on the forums where I have been posting. I was so naive to think that my wife would let me have it early. Yoink it !!


I started “play on the cloud”, but the boss came back, and had to stop


No preload and a terrible launch system for me.
While my physical edition order was cancelled for many other poor choices im still gonna play it cause I have game pass. But they made a mess of launch so not till tomorrow night at the soonest.

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Start a gp sub for the month?

The wife had to pop into town to do some things. I was slashing the top paddock, spotted her leaving and made a bee line for the house. Not in the kitchen, spare bedroom or office, that I can find anyway. Hunted through the linen cupboard, maybe folded up in the towels, sheets etc. - NOPE - Laundry - NOPE ( I did check inside the washing machine ) . Now, I still have one daughter at home. I stood in the hallway and weighed up the risks of stepping through the interdimensional gateway. Sort of like, do I walk into a lion’s enclosure? In fact, the second law of thermodynamics actually operates in there. In the end, I passed. So, not that I keep at track of these things but,
ME: 0 wins WIFE: 237,765 wins
Tonight I had some spare time and hit the MCC for the latest challenges. Turned the X-Box on and made the mistake of seeing what was happening on the friends list… Halo Infinite: Campaign…Halo Infinite:Campaign… quickly closed that. Could feel the Universe rubbing salt into the wound. I started to cotemplate heading down to the bottom paddock, crawling into a wombat hole and re-emerging, 7a.m. 25-12-2021. I could then sprint the 500 metres to the house, having finished my middle of the Australian summer, winter hibernation and spend the next 24 hours on Zeta Halo

Not happy with MP so why would I risk actual money on the campaign?

Zero trust for 343 now.

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i have gt 730 so eh, you understand its NONE OF THE ABOVE

Not buying campaign until christmas, weekly is done I have no reason to play unless you want me to be a useless player, because i could literally sit still and do nothing for the daily since the daily is pretty much a partipation trophey of Oh you sat through our whole game here’s a fourth of a cookie.(or maybe worse)

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Nah I downloaded and started playing campaign ASAP. Loving it so far even though the open world graphics are meh. I personally don’t think you should punish the campaign just because you don’t like the mp. Then again I don’t really care about the monetization drama, I just like playing the game so that’s just me lol I’m more concerned about the lack of content in the mp but so far it seems like they nailed the campaign (up to where I’m at at least) so I think they deserve credit where it’s due just like they deserve criticism where it’s due.

lol nice, leave out not sitting on the sidelines so it fits your agenda, well played.

but you can trust the other people cant you

I’ve seen enough errors and criticisms of it and even YT clips becoming repetitive to not suffer any FOMO in waiting for an update or two to buy it.

When MM is 100% fixed (:joy:I’m still waiting for H5 to be fixed), forge is added and customs are fixed then I might splash out, until then honestly, don’t feel I’m missing out on spending money equal to that of a complete game that contains far less and encourages people to then spend further (far from ‘micro’) money on things that used to be included in previous games.

Short answer - nah, not yet, need to make 'em sweat :wink:

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i was perma banned for no reason so im not playing anything halo related again as long as 343 will randomly ban people

Permanently banned for playing ranked, or matchmaking in general?

They just don’t throw bans around like it’s nothing.

well they do, im banned from the entirety of multiplayer. while investigating found numerous people claiming the same, 343 is a joke.

Did you quit out of matches a lot? Or disconnect often?

Other reason I could think of was maybe they think you used a potential cheat in online.

Anyways if you feel you’ve been banned unjustly you should appeal it. 343 are not out to get you

didnt play for hours up until i logged in and saw i was banned, its impossible for it to be automated. halo support never does anything.

btw dont imply im a cheater, ive put more into this game than most people will put into their xbox throughout its life.

I didn’t play campaign today because the new weekly challenges for multiplayer are out. Other than that, I’ve been enjoying campaign. Haven’t finished the fight yet :grimacing:

Have you reached out to them? I guarantee you either the ban was a mistake on their end, or you have a lot of DNF on your record.

Didn’t imply anything I only suggested it could potentially be they detected something fishy on your pc perhaps. If you’re playing on Xbox then my guess is the DNFs on matches

your guess is wrong, 343 is literally this bad