Poll: What's your preferred gamepad control scheme?

  • Default
  • Boxer
  • Green Thumbs
  • Bumper Jumper
  • Recon
  • Universal Default (Recon)
  • Universal Reclaimer
  • Universal Zoom & Shoot
  • Universal Bump & Jump
  • Universal Green Thumbs
  • Jumpy
  • The Duke
  • Hero
  • Fishstick

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Since there are multiple games and some control schemes that are unique to a single game, this poll allows multiple selections.

Feel free to explain what you like about your preferred control scheme(s).

I like using Universal Zoom & Shoot. It’s the most familiar control scheme and it’s comfortable. My only issue with it is that you can’t do alert carry when using it.


Universal Recon because it’s what I have had it as for almost 15 years, lol. If I try any other scheme I’d be all sorts of confused now.


I think I’m universal recon for all titles except for Reach and H4? I think they are game specific recon. Feels the most comfortable to play.

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Universal Recon is the controller layout I go for all games except for Reach & H4 which is set to Recon.

Configured Reach & H4’s control layout to Recon because the button to activate my armor ability is (X) instead of left bumper which I’m more comfortable with.

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I just leave everything as default because I don’t want to change it.

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I use Universal Bump & Jump (though I’m not actually sure the difference between it and Bumper Jumper - I believe it has to do with grenade switching / Halo 4’s sprinting)

I remember when Halo 3 came out I was pretty resistant to change from the default control scheme. Eventually after enough pestering from friends I gave in and tried Bumper Jumper. It was like night and day.

Bumper Jumper gave you such and edge Bungie made the default melee button right bumper in Halo: Reach.

Bumper Jumper for me. This was a game changer in Halo 3.

I might have to try bumper jumper or recon, but I’m worried I’d get all confused after so many hours using zoom & shoot.

I just played with whatever was the main scheme up until after 4, 4’s was a comfortable progression from Reach’s for me, so I use reclaimer for MCC, did for 5 as well.
I’ve tried multiple times to get into bumper jumper but it’s rough trying to get a grip on it.

Universal bump and jump for me. Difference between this and Bumper Jumper is grenade switching and double tapping jump to activate the jetpack in Reach instead of jumping and holding down X.

Recon has been my go-to since Halo 3. It just seemed to click with me and felt right. The natural evolution from the days of The Duke.

I generally use a mouse and keyboard these days, but if I do find myself using a controller, I use Recon.

It will take time but give either a try. I used boxer as my setup since CE but about 6 months ago changed to universal Bumper Jumper. It felt so strange and was frustrating at first. The controller felt odd in my hands and uncomfortable because the new grip was so foreign but in the end, it has made such a difference in my play.

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Ive been using Bumper Jumper after a recommendation from a friend, it took me a while to switch but i found it a lot better to play with

I like Bumper Jumper a lot, it’s feels more natural to me.