POLL: What people have said so far about starting Weapons in BTB maps. So here are some Suggestion Choices for starting Weapons!

  • AR and Commando
  • BR and Commando
  • AR and BR
  • AR and Rocket Launcher
  • BR and Rocket Launcher
  • AR and Hydra
  • BR and Hydra

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So pick a setup you would like in a BTB maps. I’m just trying to see what you guys would like for starting Weapons so I can setup my custom maps according to what you guys like for starting weapons. Granted not everybody is going to like what I have listed above. The only reason I don’t like the Commando is the Recoil! :rage:

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How about just BR? You can pick up whatever else you want as you move through the map.


That would be ok I guess but I am not a big fan of the BR. I like the AR better. But that is just my opinion.

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I don’t want any of these options :stuck_out_tongue: For me it’s either AR and a pistol or BR and a pistol. Of all the poll’s options I prefer AR and BR.

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I would very much like to try a Commando starts version of BTB and see how it goes. I personally like the weapon and am halfway decent with it (I mean I get perfects and multikills with it pretty often). It would give you the POTENTIAL to land shots at long ranges without being too easy for just anyone to crossmap with. Plus it’s a spammable automatic at close range so people who want that can just use it that way.

It’s kind of the perfect middle ground and I think people that feel they can’t make it work would get better just by using it more.

Edit: Which of you potato bandits are voting for hydra starts lol, that’s action sack stuff

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You can go into Custom Games to do that.
Goto Server go offline.
Select Map ( small map prefered )
Select Game mode
Goto mode editor
Select Sandbox
Goto Primary Weapon
Select Commondo
Select the number of rounds you want. Now for testing get a crap load of ammo.
Then goto Bots and add some bots for 1 team only. Then you can check out the Comondo Rifle as long as you want.
you can save the modded game type or just hit the back button and just start the game.

Hope that helps.

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I mean, that’s fine and all, but shooting bots is way different than players.

The only real way to experiment is to get two full teams of actual people to practice the settings

Well you can put bots on both teams if you want and seletct how good you want the bots to be. There are 4 levels of bots recruit to GOD LIKE KILLER BOTS LOL

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Either commando only or a commando and sidekick.

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You should have given the current starting weapons as an option. I don’t want to play Infinite with any of those configurations. There won’t be a firefight at
distances less than 200 yards with the weapons you have here.


Not for Commando starts till weapon actually gets some tlc.

As it stands ATM moment the VK78 is a underperformer in the sandbox.
The rifle has been put in the game with no real effort to tuning it been thrown in as filler without much as an afterthought.
The rifle has 2x scope the ADS sensitivity is adjusted via the 2.5x setting this is the BR magnification, this means if you adjust sensitivity for VK78 you ruin BR ADS sensitivity.
This is unacceptable!
VK78 needs its own 2x sensitivity slider no ifs no but’s!

There is also a bug when you get descoped using this rifle, small adjustments to aim in ADS whilst getting descoped will throw off aim lots (easy to lose tracking by around 20 degrees off target) (This don’t happen with BR)
I don’t know if this relates to the no 2x sens issue or if its too slow to return to hip aim sensitivity during descope?
I also play on mouse so issue may pertain to that form of input?

Personally think the rifle need an extra 5 rounds in the mag & its starting ammo pool also needs to be increased to make it a viable option.
I have relatively decent aim & can kill two with AR & three with BR under perfect circumstances, the VK78 its a one kill gun really ATM & you are prolly lucky if you pick up three kills with it before you have no ammo.

So big fat no from me having this as a starting weapon till its received some balance tweaks.
At this point if 343i added a 2x sensitivity slider for this weapon I would consider that content!

No, eff that, I hate starting with one weapon. Because when I go to grab another one, some -Yoink!-’s already grabbed it. You have to remember where the weapon you want spawns, and pray that the map’s rng has even put it on the map this round. No.

At the very least I want to be able to rely on the sidekick as a backup if I run out of ammo.

Why did you do two combinations of rifle and rockets? Why would we ever all spawn with rocket launchers except in a certain kind of game mode? That doesn’t make any sense at all.

I guess I wouldn’t be too irritated with an AR+Commando combo. I still hate the Commando but I think LSS and commando swat made me get better with it against my will lol

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Looking at the “Range Game” so to speak…I like these in no particular order.

-CMDO & Sidekick (Additional Starting Range) 2.0x/1.4x
-AR & Sidekick (Default Ranges) 1.4x
-Just BR Starts (Superior Starting Range & Attack Power) 3.0x
If the Bandit turns out to be true guess throw that on the list of JUST Bandit Starts. Hopefully thats a 3.0x as well.

What people aren’t considering in these options is that what our current BTB needs vs how these weapons will affect the gameplay dynamic.

On maps like Deadlock, BR or Commando starts will immediately turn the map into trench warfare. Most of the players will head to the Launcher Power weapon tunnel and then you will have a hallway skirmish inside it till no end.

This will be the same case with maps like Fragmentation where all the traffic will now be situated in the area with most cover, the lootcave lanes or the middle bunker.

I personally think what we need is a BR start, but nerfed.

Let’s look at Infinite Campaign’s BR Breacher variant. Faster firerate, lower ammo, lower range. I think this will be the perfect starting weapon for BTB along with the AR to roundup the loadout.

I guess, but there needs to be way more weapons then. So many time’s I spawn in and every thing that isn’t a plasma pistol is already taken. And the next pad is five miles away or in enemy territory. Of course the BR might be all I need.

I’m still sticking to Commando + Assault Rifle, and make all the Commando’s on the map just be Battle Rifles so there are more of them on the field.

The better precision weapon, the Battle Rifle ( at least in terms of reliability and easier use ) will still need to be picked up, and now with all commando’s being replaced with battle rifles, means there will be a few more to go around per team.

Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing :smirk: multiple gametypes in BTB with different start off weapons. As long as its not BR Starts I’m down for even Bulldog and Energy Sword. :smile:

I wouldn’t mind seeing BTB Rank returning to Halo Matchmaking with BRs Starts and No Motion Sensor. Having it with Classic 8v8 or the normal version could become quite a epic experience. Playing BTB with No Motion Sensor is absolutely amazing which team work is the key to winning the game.

That BR is extremely overpowered compared to the rest of the sandbox weapons. It has that feeling of the H4 Battle Rifle which is extremely annoying :unamused: and leads to nothing else being used which = boring gameplay.

I have decided on what two starting weapons i’ll use in my custom games. I’m going to use the same setup in my custom games like I did on the old days that worked:

#1. AR
#2. Rocket Launcher

Note: All the weapons the map will be at your base. And I mean “ALL OF THEM” I will double the number of BATTLE RIFLES at each base for those that want to use a battle rifle.
Weapons Respond Times = 90 seconds. ( even though I like the Hydra Better )

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