POLL:What do you want added to halo 4?

What would you like to see added most and what do you think would get you playing more? 1 choice only.

EDIT: If there is any other options you would like (for additions or removals) let me know and I’ll try to add them, try to keep it to feasible changes, and smaller things that are more likely possible.

The idea of this thread is to help 343i understand want their players want most, but also trying to keep it at reasonable changes/fixes.

I would like them to add working elements if that isn’t too difficult for them…

The question should be “What do you want removed from Halo 4?”

Actually the question should be, did you actually want all the crap that Halo 4 changed apparently at the wishes of the community.

I would rather choose things to remove, but

Ranked and Social playlists, so I can choose what style I want to play. If I want to try hard for a rank I will play ranked. If I just want to jump into a game and have fun I can play social. That way I have a choice.
As long as the matchmaking system matches party sizes for ranked playlists, because playing solo vs a team of 4 or 5 is an awful experience, and the solution shouldn’t be “get people to play with” it should be “allow players to play alone if they want to”.

Also, small maps. I don’t like BTB, and there are only 5 maps that work with small teams and split screen in my opinion. Small teams/split screen system link is the only way I play halo 4, because I find the online experience terrible, and only being able to play on 3 maps without paying for DLC makes the split screen experience almost as bad as online experience. I have no idea why they wanted to make 6 of the 9 DLC maps big team maps, but I guess they designed the game for BTB

-interactive environment, like the buttons in Halo 3
-automatic secondaries (SMG, Plasma Rifle, Spiker)
-Falcon and Hornet

It begins with ranked and ends with social.

I would also like to see forced good connection search

Reduce the BR’s bullet spread, reduce magnetism for all weapons.

Remove Instant re-spawn from team games. but keep it in FFA and Regicide.

> The question should be “What do you want removed from Halo 4?”

Above everything else I would like:

  1. Non laggy matchmaking!
  2. Actual, serious investigation into the video evidence on fileshare of hackers/network manipulators(both 343 and Microsoft).
  3. The subsequent banhammer to put and end to it.