POLL - Stop The Clock - It Could Be Improved (Opinion)

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I hate the way stop the clock plays out, currently.

In KOTH and Oddball both, it’s a very unpleasant experience being on the losing team, and having the clock say 0:05 but be stopped because 1 member is playing objective to allow the other 3 to slay out and pad their KDA.

I feel like it was poorly implemented due to these scenarios.

I feel like it could be drastically improved, just by having that clock start back up as soon as you take the lead.

If you’re holding the Oddball or standing in the Hill, the clock should be triggered once your team has a small lead of around 5 or 10 seconds instead of the clock staying stopped at 0:05 until the points cap is reached.

Winning team should not be able to stop the clock.

Yay or nay?

Yay: You think that 343 should change the Stop The Clock mechanic.
Nay: You think that the Stop The Clock mechanic should stay the same.

If it’s Score-tick based like Oddball, then no. I’ve seen Oddball games comeback from landslide leads to close victories.

If it’s Round Score like KOTH or CTF, then just end the game if one side has a massive lead.

I listed oddball as well for the simple fact that at any point the team that lost the lead could grab the ball and now have the ability to stop the clock.

You would have your tug of war happen in that case if the teams were going back and forth in close quarters.

At which point, it’s more or less first team to have all 4 players go down is the loser. Which IMO is a fair ending to the close game.

Same with KOTH. I believe that it should play out that way.

Also, it’s already like that for CTF. If you have a lead of more than 1 point, them having the flag in their possession doesn’t stop the clock. But if you’re only up by 1 point then it does and gives them the opportunity for that fresh round of first to 1 cap.

Basically I believe that if the winning team has a lead of more than the 10 second respawn time and the time a player could reach the ball off spawn, so say 15 seconds, if you’re up 15 points with only 5 seconds left on the clock, your team shouldn’t be able to stop the clock the clock should resume and end the game.

The only way the losing team completely gets dismissed in terms of a come back at that point, is if they’re all 4 down. Because they’re down for 10 of the 15 second lead, and only having 5 seconds to cross the map off spawn and get to the ball and touch it to stop the clock, it’s just unlikely to happen.

But going 4 down isn’t that common. It’ll most likely result in a heated tug of war, until 1 of the 2 teams does go all 4 down. They’ll be going back and forth for the most part with 2 down, 1 or 2 respawning and it’ll be a constant fight for the lead.