[poll] social or competitive?


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I was talking with a few people recently who preferred to play in the ranked playlists instead of social which I found interesting, I feel like the community has shifted from a casual to a more competitive one over time, where do you stand on this?

I play in social because that’s where SWAT and Infection are. If SWAT became a competitve playlist then it would be a mix of both.

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Depends on the friend group.

I only play social. I have never played competitive.

I tend to play a mix of both mostly social as I love infection

This game is an arena shooter and by default a competitive game. Fun game types in action sack shouldn’t be but you know the typical regular Social match now (maybe with SBMM for me) I am fighting for my life and cannot relax one bit.

When I was younger I was definitely more competitive. Hell I’m still proud of my 47 in Halo 3 and wear it with a badge of pride.

But these days I much prefer social. I’m not saying there shouldn’t be competitive, or people shouldn’t play ranked, but for me that time has mostly passed.

In MCC I pretty much only play ranked to get my two wins each week and then it’s off to social for me.

Pretty competitive, I think some people can be a mix.

The more vocal community is definitely the competitive, but I’d say a good portion is social possibly even majority.

Halo has always stood for social gaming and competitive gaming. When you mix them? You get a Reach bloom situation or a Halo 2 ranked vs social issue which splits the community in two.

Keep them separate and people get along. Combine them unnecessarily and be prepared for a lot of months of intense forum debating.