POLL: Should the Weapon Sandbox be Pure?

Option 1: You like the Sandbox the way it is right now, every weapon plays uniquely and any new additions to the game should also bring something unique. Example:

  • The Reach Grenade Launcher (as a Shock Weapon) would be a unique addition.
  • The M739 SAW would be a unique Power Weapon.

Option 2: You want more weapon variance in the Sandbox even if there is overlap in role. Examples:

  • Z-130 Suppressor & MA40 AR
  • Brute Plasma Rifle & Sentinel Beam
  • M45 Shotgun & CQS48 Bulldog
  • M6 Spartan Laser & Skewer

Option 3: You want as many weapons in the game as possible, their roles and gameplay could even be identical as long as they are different factions. Examples:

  • Brute Spiker & MA40 AR
  • T-57 Carbine & BR
  • Needle Rifle & VK78 Commando
  • DMR / Light Rifle & Stalker Rifle
  • Brute Shot & Hydra
  • Beam Rifle & S7 Sniper
  • Fuel Rod Cannon & Cindershot / M41 SPNKR

If none of these options are for you then explain below.

  • Yes, every gun should have a unique role in the Sandbox.
  • No, some overlap is OK as long as the weapon is a little bit different.
  • No, bring as many weapons into the sandbox as possible.

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I think Option 2 is the best balance. Yes, I love every weapon being wildly unique in its functionality, but in reality I find that I don’t mind a little overlap if a weapon still plays a little differently. It can be hard to make every gun super-duper unique especially when our current sandbox is larger than a game like CE.


The idea that every weapon needs a unique role is the kind of garbage we get when the developer thinks it’s all about competitive play. 343 doesn’t understand “social” play. That’s why even their unranked playlists are still ranked, you just can’t see the rank.

There are no “social” playlists in Halo Infinite. If we had social playlists, any weapon could and should be added.


Honestly, I want an approach similar to H5.

H5 Warzone had an enormous volume of weapons/ vehicles, with a lot of overlap, but niche traits. Knowing your loadouts niche advantages and disadvantages was a partt of the skill ceiling, and helped separate new players from veterans.

But then H5 arena had a pretty trimmed down sandbox. There were a few slightly overlapping traits amongst weapons in the sandbox, but overall they each had a pretty specific role.


I think some overlap is healthy, if one player doesn’t like one particular weapon, they might have a better luck with an alternative simply because it handles or functions ever so slightly different.

I’d also like the Carbine, Lightrifle, and plasma rifle back period, regardless of how they fit into the sandbox.


the first option is by far the best, but the two weapons you list are garbage and have rolls already filled in the sandbox.

I think they should just add as much legacy weapons as possible.
Fiesta would be more fun.
More options for poeple who use forge.
More variety in randomized weapon spawnings.
Only ranked mode is necessary to cut down the pool, and ranked is broken anyways.

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The reach grenade launcher is a remote detonated type weapon, one that doesn’t exist in the Sandbox.

The SAW is an automatic power weapon, again one that doesn’t exist in the sandbox.

If you have other examples share them with us.

The biggest problem with adding more weapons is that it will make completing weapon challenges that require specific weapons even more difficult to complete. And those are already bad.

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@Little_Squash agreed, however I would say if Daily Challenges effect your Sandbox decisions it is more likely a problem with your Challenge system than anything else.

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But functionally a lobbing weapon exists and EMP weapons are plentiful and easy to use.

The AR exists.

A Plasma Rifle with a stun effect

Everyone has been trying to convince 343 of this since the beginning. But they need you to spend more money on challenge swaps because servers are expensive.

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There are only 2 shock weapons in the sandbox, I think there is room for one more. (EDIT: In an expanded sandbox)

Comparing the AR to the SAW would be like me comparing the Pulse Carbine to your idea for a Plasma Rifle, IMO.

SAW has more dakka, and you can never have enough dakka.

@Little_Squash, I wish they’d streamline weapon challenges so instead of heatwave, it was simply any shotgun, take one aspect of RNG out of challenges.


Not a fan of these suggestions. The ideal sandbox to solving the problem the sandbox crisis would be:

Combat Sidearm: (Sidekick but no bloom, 15 rounds. 6 for perfect TTK).
SMG: Duel wielding.
No Commando
Beta Halo 2 BR with semi only
Tactical SMG

CE Plasma Rifle
Pulse Carbine
Beam Rifle
Fuel Rod (like CE)

Two shock weapons from Infinite, they are emp weapons, solely anti vehicle. The rocket takes two shots do you want warthog, there for tank or wraith. One for banshee. No energy sword, no gravity hammer. These are for Fiesta modes only.

Damn worthless keyboard. Two Rockets for warthog, three for wraith, one for banshee.

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The m45 shotgun plays way differently than the bulldog and is not at all the same. Besides the heatwave and bulldog is more similar than the m45 and bulldog.

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Complete redundancy that doesn’t improve the game.

@Tzar_Moramee Agreed, which makes it even more perplexing why 343 opted to replace the classic shotgun with the Bulldog.

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They aren’t even close, the AR and SAW are two bullet hoses that do the same job in the same way with the same mechanics and playstyle, the pulse carbine and PR would function completely separate from each other and incur a vastly different result on the sandbox around them.