Poll: Should Halo Infinite's Multiplayer Have Player Collision?

I concur, being able to melee enemies is so very crucial in Halo and it’s so inconsistent and unwieldy in this game since players will phase through each other in melee encounters, absolutely ridiculous decision and has DEMONSTRABLY created more problems than it has solved. Although I use the word “solved” extremely generously since the reasons that were given for collision’s exclusion in the first were extremely transient in the first place.


I can’t melee consistently to save my life without collision

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Half the time when I go to get into a melee brawl we run through eachother and get disoriented.


Speak for yourself. Reach had a lot of great things, but a fun and balanced sandbox and combat loop wasn’t on that list.

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Should vehicles pass through each other? Should you be able to phase through geometry? My vote is if you can grapple or shoot someone, you shouldn’t be able to phase through them.


Put. It. Back.

Just do it, 343.

these poll results dont seem as “split” as they claimed


What I really don’t like is that player collision with enemies is really weird. It’s like Minecraft physics (for lack of a better simple explanation) where you can almost walk through someone but you get pushed away instead of physically colliding. I’d absolutely like to have regular collision with enemies.

In MCC in forge maps sometimes there are issues with player stampedes where nobody can really get through and it’s a mess. I think the system could be improved so it’s less annoying, but at the very least I would like to physically interact with my teammates the same way that I do my enemies. Even if friendly fire is on. Vehicles can already teamkill.

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Reaches sandbox was the most fun of any halo lol. The maps were the issue because they were ripped from campaign.

Player collision, and friendly fire should both be restored honestly. This is the best feeling Halo since Halo 3 in terms of weapons/movement. But then they ruin it with these entirely unnecessary changes, and stuff like highlighting enemies across the map, scope glare, etc.

To put it in perspective some people already talk about how they exploit it currently. Can walk through allies to take damage. Throw stickies on allies before they go into rooms with enemies. And probably worst of all most suspect the reason melee is so inconsistent is probably because of disabling the collision somehow.


A few good points of having played collision on

  1. I get to push my AFK teammates into cover

  2. By being pushed back as I was trying to go into a room of my teammates running out of would stop me from being killed by Rockets, sword, shotgun etc.

  3. This seems bad but most people have done this. Use your teammates as meat shields lol

  4. If you get to an weapon/vehicle first they cant walk through you to get it before you.


I think with the Melee system the lack of collision causes more problems then it fixes.


Like I said, we not bashing Reach when it has more fundamental stuff that makes Halo Halo, where Infinite is failing at.

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Yeah true, Reach had a complete package.

no player collision creates other issues. like teammates walking though you and blocking your shots or teammates walking through you and you stick them in the back and self destruct.


Over a thousand votes and 88% for collision and no word about it from 343 (granted looks like they’ve got a lot of complaints to address since this post was first made). I fail to see where the split feedback is though, unless it is internal.


Yes 100x yes.

Even made a forum account just to say yes.

EDIT: Won’t keep using the forums when you can’t even change profile pictures on waypoint though now. What the hell is this? Why is everything in videogames worse than what we had 10+ years ago?


By the Rings this is too much! And yet it’s not? I ask why? Give us player collision back! The council demands it!

@Awoofles it’s your Xbox profile pic.


It’s just weird. And kind of disorienting having your bullets soaked by your pal who just walked through you.

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thats the whole point, you shouldnt be able to have a 4 man stack phasing into each other in one room.