Poll should behemoth be removed from comp!

  • Yes (Keep in mind just for HCS COMP PLAYLISTS)
  • No (Keep in mind just for HCS COMP PLAYLISTS)

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  1. Behemoth in competitive HCS (not for quick play) is frankly just a mess. You get spawned killed so much and cross mapped from everywhere on the map.
  2. It is considered so bad and unviable that it is not even in Esports and pros don’t play this map due to it not being competitively viable. So why the hell do we have to play on this map?
    – when you kill 3 on offense people will spawn with perfect angles on you if you try and pull flag
  • if you try and kill them again and succeed they will instead spawn mid map being able to stop your flag pull
  • TLDR the map is a complete mess and needs to be keep in unranked the maps randomness is fun to play on and adds something new to halo but not when I am at risk of losing my rank

It wouldn’t be so bad if they change the flag location. the problem is the flag is the middle of the bridge and they spawn around their base which makes it easy to destroy anybody whos going for flag. The other problem is once one team scores, there’s no reason to try for another cap as if you just play defense it’s basically impossible to lose if your team is somewhat competent.

Yeah but it’s like where else do you put it tbh

It’s hilariously bad, but I voted to keep it on because I love how on Halo ranked modes you end up having to learn the meta for some absolutely bottom tier maps.

I’m looking at you Orbital.

Worst map in the game easily.

Launch Site may still hold that crown.

put it in the bottom so somebody has to actually watch it, and then make people return it to the top instead.

also I hate Aquarius 10x more in comp that map is so tiny and annoying in CTF because if you die once they’ll basically have it all the way to their flag by the time you respawn, with 0 chance of ever catching up to them and with no actual power weapon it’s impossible to kill the carrier in time. Maybe if they switched the power weapon to a sniper instead of invis so the map wasn’t so offence oriented, but IMO it’s still way too small for CTF

I mean at least it isn’t forced on us for comp tbh


I think ironically I like bazaar the most for CTF it’s a good mix

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Being able to shoot the carrier from just in front of your base instead of having to go all the way past the middle of the map is a big reason Bazaar CTF doesn’t end as fast as Aquarius does

It’s regarded by most of the HCS crowd as the most fun gametype. It’s not quite Onslaught flag but I do find the pace of it really fun to play.

I wasn’t dogging CTF I was dogging aquarius specifically. Also I don’t care what the HCS crowd thinks, I was stating my personal opinion.

No worries, was just opening a discussion.

“you think this but (group of people) disagree” isn’t much for discussion

I’m sorry if offended you.

And THAT’S the key difference.

If so but if 343 can balance the map I’d be cool maybe make the walkway shorter?