Poll Should alien speices be added as armor cores

Poll Should Alien species be added as armor cores.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Only elites

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Simple poll should 343 allow us to play things like kig-yar, elites, and brutes with the same health and shield values as spartans.

These would of course have different hit boxes but those are something that is quick to get use to, (though they would have to be banned in comp.)

This is more for the casual player and machinima maker then the comp player.


Before anyone else votes no.

They said they wouldn’t do this for at least a year, they said they’ll think about adding elites when they’re implementing coop into the campaign, so hopefully this means Arby is coming back.

Obviously at least elites.
Brutes might not work but maybe they will.

Playing against elites has never been an issue in halo, and I can’t even play Reach as an elite anymore in Match Making which is pitiful unless I play customs or invasion. Sure they got an advantage on recharge time there but also a disadvantage of having a ginormous head hitbox and rest.
In every other halo elites were perfectly fine, never had any trouble headshotting elites in halo 3 or 2, you’re just simply bad if you think there’s a problem.

All you Bungie game fanboys should agree too because removal of playable elites is a thing only 343 did, out of laziness and “competitive reasons.”
You think it messes up the comp scene? Fine force them to play spartan in comp it’s not hard, it really isn’t.

Elites are Badass, give us our dino space lizards back.


No. Halo infinite multiplayer has a lot of issues right now, and adding even more work on top of that would only result in a worse product. The current armor core and coating system needs work BAD, no one is spending $20 USD for an armor set from reach that is NOT INCLUDED in the Halo reach battle pass and a basic color they had in previous titles. Would it be cool to see maybe a year or two down the line: absolutely. But as things stand right now: No

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Uh… you do realize people are spending money on the armor cores, that said they are already working to fix that.


They’re obviously not gonna do this immediately, they said it’d be at least a year before they add elites.


A year or 2 at the minimum this is a 10 year game with apparent story and MP content ideas for teh full length.

God I wish that were true


I agree Elites should return it is after all a classic halo feature and to add 343 do an amazing job at making elite armors I love just about every harness they have given them

I but also do believe let them fix the current problems that are plaguing infinite right now they do have a lot on they’re plate give them time


Yep, this is something that should at the earliest by season 3, but no earlier then that as there is a lot to fix first.

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Why would anyone say no?

I don’t understand


the first 2 no’s where literally just to spite me because I posted it in the leaks discord.


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The thing about ranked is it would have to be battle tested first. See if it needs to be changed or if the hit box differences are relevant at all.

that said I don’t think I can see comp players playing as elites, as they tend to try to be as competitive as possible over the more casual players. Elites would be more of a casual feature likely bared from HCS and actual comp matches.

Though ranked doesn’t count as actual comp.

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Depends on the species. A Prelate or an Elite would be fine. A Forerunner soldier maybe as well. Beyond that they’re either too small or too big.


I can see, elites, brutes, and Promethean soldiers fitting well for a basic close to spartan model.

With jackals/skirmishers working for casual for forge mode game modes.


Jackal spartans though…

Make em beefier (not by much though) and less hunched over…


Could easily be done, though it would take a lot of animation work to do it in a way that make sense.

Though if they add jackals they should add their shield as a gear item. turn it on to have a bonus direct front shield that can only be broken with plasma, but slows you down and only lasts a short amount of time.

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I mostly just want elites but brutes could work too.
I’d play as an elite even if it were a slight disadvantage.


I don’t know if playing as Jackals or Grunts would work out in multiplayer lists (except maybe in a Warzone type gametype), but I would love to see Elites back again, and maybe Brutes, too.