[Poll] Rate Halo 4

Just a quick poll I whipped up to see the opinions of Halo 4 to the Waypoint Community.

So basic question:
How would YOU rate Halo 4. Not just the multiplayer. Not just the campaign. All of it.

The campaign was decent. Nothing that special, but not awful either. 7/10

The multiplayer on its own is decent, but it has a ton of flaws compared to the past games. I also give this a 7/10. Actually, that’s a bit generous. 6/10

Overall, 7/10. Pretty average game.

If someone voted “10” it doesn’t mean that it’s the greatest game they’ve ever played.

I voted 9 btw

> If someone voted “10” it doesn’t mean that it’s the greatest game they’ve ever played.
> I voted 9 btw

True, but not exactly the point. Thanks for voting. :slight_smile:

I give it an 8 for now, but hopefully the upcoming TU will ix all the problems and I might give it a 9.


Amazing game but there is some missing features that should have been at launch. Custom game options, file sharing and so on. Plus the game was rough around the edges before 343 started doing updates by the week (still is but Halo 4 is looking a lot better).

Spartan OPs, while a good idea, hasn’t been the best of execution. I don’t mean the amazing CG cutscene and the story they tell but the in game dialogue and objectives seem to be of lower quality. Still, for what it is worth, it’s a good mode to relax in and blow away aliens with your friends.

Campaign was a bit more than i expected from my Halo game. Quality voice acting, character development, graphics, a proper villain for the series (who sadly does not get enough screen time to do him Justice), awesome levels, and an entire new enemy force to destroy (Prometheans).

However, there are a few issues with the story. If you haven’t kept up with the lore, the game will confuse the hell out of you. While it’s simple enough just to shoot everything that moves, some of the higher end themes of the game will fly over your head. However, the story told isn’t revolutionary by any means but it has weight, emotion, and the ending (while feeling a tad bit anti-climatic) is one the sadder ones i’ve had the pleasure of reviewing.

All in all Halo 4 is great game, even if it stumbles here and there, 343 has done the impossible; created a Halo game and despite the new ideas, still feels like Halo.

Solid 7/10. A few oversights in the campaign, the number of bugs, and the missing features that should have comes as standard Day 1 detracts from its overall score. With these issues resolved I would rate it 8.5/10 or possibly a 9/10 if the fixes and features were of an extremely high quality.

Not sure if the person who voted ‘1’ is troll or extremely despises halo… O.o

> Not sure if the person who voted ‘1’ is troll or extremely despises halo… O.o

Probably someone who didn’t get the specialization code yet

Strange how most of the voters are in the high numbers, yet all the threads I see around here are complains and insults.

At least right now it looks like the community is still full of Halo-lovers. :3

I voted 5/10.

Realistically it probably deserves a 7/10. Average.

But just because my expectations are SO HIGH for a Halo game, it makes the game seem worse.

Kinda surprised some people actually chose ‘1’. Really shows the trolls/halo haters around here…

Currently? I’ll throw my vote in at a 4/10, with two of those points going towards campaign, one towards spops, and one towards MP. If they polish the game a bit more though, easily 9 or 10/10.

I gave it a 5 because I truly am disappointed in this Halo game, and I really really enjoy Halo.

The game play is like a watered down, cheap Crysis really, plus ordnance drops. So if I wanted to play this kind of multiplayer, I will play Crysis 2, and would have bought Crysis 3 if I wanted this. I did not want it. I wanted Halo and got a not-as-good Crysis.

Making my own maps has been extremely fun for me, but again, Halo 4 fails here too. Not only was forge actually down graded a little from Reach, but I sincerely believe Microsoft made 343 disable the file share until the first DLC maps were released because Microsoft told 343 if they improved forge or turned it into a map maker, they would lose money on DLC maps since forgers could just make copies of the DLC maps basically.

So if I want to make maps, and I do want this, I will be getting Far Cry 3, which I am, and not suffer through Halo 4’s excruciatingly tedious and limiting forge.

And Halo 4 has also not brought back Halo 2 and 3’s 1-50 ranking system, a core component of Halo’s online multiplayer experience. Every time since Halo 3 when a Halo game comes out I have thought “This time I’m getting a 50!” and every time since Halo 3 the developers have decided I don’t actually want to get a 50, but that I just want to show off to everyone how I have no life and spent a ridiculous amount of time playing Halo. I could care less about how long I have played and how much. I just want to see how good I am and to be able to rank up or down depending on how good I play.

So yeah, I’m very disappointed.


Generally I like games that are darker, and very few hit the 10/10 for me, Dead Space being one of the very few.

Still, I am thoroughly enjoying every aspect of Halo 4. I play more Spartan Ops than multiplayer, but that is generally because I’m not very good at multiplayer so after getting my butt handed to me, I go play some spartan ops to wash off the stink of defeat.

A rock solid 9.


Yeah, there’s problems, but overall, pros outweigh the cons by far for me.

Here’s hoping I can give H5 a 10

Campaign: Best Halo campaign since Halo CE (imo of course). No complaints here, and actually pleasantly surprised it turned out so well. 9/10

Spartan Op’s: Solid story, but map design and gameplay is somewhat repetitive, could be better. 7/10

War Games: Core game play is very good, but there are a few extremely annoying issues that need to be addressed. 7.5/10

Overall: 8/10 The core gameplay itself is solid, but there are a few things that keep it from reaching it’s full potential.

I gave it a 10/10. I really do think Halo 4 is the best game I have ever played.

Campaign levels I’ll be revisiting:

Dawn - no
Requiem - yes
Forerunner - maybe
Infinity - no
Reclaimer - yes
Shutdown - no
Composer - maybe
Midnight - no

The campaign was a 5/10 for me.

Spartan Ops gets a 1 for not taking Solo gameplay into consideration.