[Poll] Put SBMM only where it should be. Break the AAA mold, make gaming great again

  • Strict SBMM, Every match returns you to Lobby [Current, no change]
  • SBMM, in social playlists post-match screen allows players to select Rematch
  • SBMM ONLY IN RANKED, Social playlists unaffected. Post-match, rematch by default, or select return to lobby [Halo 3, MW2]

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SBMM keeps players playing only at their skill level, if you are below average you will spend a fair amount of time in that bracket. Especially when players are on social playlists to have fun, do challenges and play with friends of all skill levels.

Re-queuing after each BTB is annoying and makes the experience clunky. Games like CS: GO and older titles in the Halo, CoD, and Battlefield franchises; did not have SBMM in their PuG game modes. Which resulted in making friends, building rivalries, and not requiring maximum effort in every match. Being able to stick with some of the same players for multiple matches in a row, fighting with them or against them was some of the most memorable times of the games of old.

If 343 want’s to make Halo Infinite truly great with the classic Halo 3 feel, they need to prove that people play games for fun and competition. There should be a way to do either easily when player counts eventually get lower. Having no SBMM will also allow for a lower ping and faster queue times. 343 has the opportunity to show everyone that SBMM is not required, despite all the studies. Maybe being able to set the precedent for this “10 Year Game” and every upcoming game from other FPS franchises.

Let’s make this seen and discuss how average players actually feel about this topic. Customization and Battle pass nonsense aside. I’ll play a game with terrible monetization as long as my friends and I can enjoy it.

SBMM in social only to the extent that it prevents parties from stomping randoms.

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Bonus information, for why I am passionate about SBMM being bad for games.

I am well beyond average in almost every game I play. My real-life friends are average or even well below it, we still love playing together but it has been getting harder for them and myself to enjoy playing together. Even in this beta, I have run into the issue. Where on both teams most of the players will have similar scores and K/D ratios. I am usually on top of the team, playing casually. My friends will be in the same lobby feeling as if they have to sweat and play their hearts out. I have this issue with every FPS game that has come out recently, my friends get discouraged and do not want to play with me knowing that they will more than likely not have a good time being in matches that look at my skill level. This is not just a Halo Infinite issue, but a gaming plague overall.

I know there are others in the same boat, or in the boat with some of my friends.

Who here has had friends, end their gaming sessions early due to being drained, or avoid playing with people that are much better than them because they don’t want to hold them back, nor have a terrible experience?

Was SBMM only enabled recently or something? Up until yesterday casual matches felt exactly that and then suddenly it became all sweat all the time and it just wasn’t fun at all. I’ve always played casual almost exclusively across every single game I’ve ever played because I’m not interested in pushing myself to the limit all the time, particularly in Halo which I have always found to be a particularly entertaining game (most of the time lol). Ranked systems following me into casual and making the game into literally the exact thing I deliberately avoid really sucks and I really, really want casual to go back to how it used to be.