Poll on Getting Killed - Radar, Recharge Delay, Indicators, Shield Strength

In playing Infinite so far, I have found that more than any other Halo I am being killed by people who I can;t seem to figure out where they are, or had no idea they were there. Sometimes that’s cool; they hid well or snuck up on me, but it’s happening far more in this game than any other Halo.

I feel that 343 made a lot of changes in this game that made it harder to keep yourself from dying. Notably, the shield recharge delay is longer than almost any other Halo game, the radar range is very small, shield’s are relatively weak so it’s easy to get melted by multiple attackers, and there are no grenade indicators to see grenades coming up behind you or highlight colors to make frag grenades visible. Do you guys feel like 343 should change any of these?

  • No - I don’t think 343 should change any of these things
  • Yes - I think 343 should make the radar range greater (and not just to 22m in BTB only)
  • Yes - I think the shield recharge delay should be shorter
  • Yes - I think grenades should have an indicator on the HUD
  • Yes - I think frag grenades should be highlighted for visibility
  • Yes - I think the shield strength should be increased

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I’d like to see how the 22m radar in BTB works before any other changes are suggested. I feel like the increase is needed in BTB, but being snuck up on in Arena is more due to a lack of team coordination rather than radar issues.

On the grenades topic, I haven’t had many problems seeing them, but a lot of issues escaping them. Seriously sometimes it feels like I’m running from 12 grenades at once in Arena.


Yeah they made grenades more bouncy in this game than they ever have been, which makes them harder to avoid. I’d really like that to go away, or at least for grenades to deal friendly fire damage so I don’t get blown up while fighting someone, and have the enemy just be fine.

Friendly fire, only spawning with one frag, anything to turn down the grenade spam just a tiny little bit would be nice.

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The only things I feel need to happen are an increase in the size of the radar and reducing the respawn timer by 2 or 3 seconds. Sitting there watching as your flag vanishes across 2/3 of the arena or before your respawn is too much, among other modes.

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The radar is a really big deal to me. I don’t like how Infinite feels more like a twitch shooter than any other Halo. And I don’t understand the people who say that team coordination should be a substitute when the radar isn’t even in ranked. Why should I need to coordinate with randoms in social? I just want to vibe. Half the time I play social, I’m in party chat.

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I very much agree with that. I really hope 343 will consider friendly fire for explosives and only having one frag.

Yeah agreed. For me it’s even more cause I have hearing defects, so I can’t tell when enemies are around me without radar. I think some people don’t mind the small radar cause they can use their ears, but I really can’t do that.


True, I didn’t even think of that. That’s tough. But yea one good thing about Halo radar is it’s a consistent playing field. I think some of the people who don’t want it larger are people who spent a lot on headphones, or people who are used to other franchises so they want an inherent advantage. I don’t understand why footsteps is a good alternative to radar unless that’s the reason.

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Not everyone has a team that they wanna play with and communicate all day…. There are solo que players like myself. This was the exact problem with H5 the radar helps solo queing end of story…. The 18m is pointless and the excuse communicating with a team is pathetic….

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Yeah I’d agree with that. I have some fairly competitive friends who play Apex, and that’s exactly the case there; they purchased expensive headphones so that they can block out other noise and listen for footsteps. I think that should just be a nice touch for the feel of the game though, if someone decides to spend that money; it shouldn’t apply a gameplay advantage.

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