POLL: OK Lets see who wants the BR in a BTB as a Starting Weapon

  • I want the “BR” as a Starting Weapon In A BTB Game!
  • I “DO NOT” want the “BR” as a Starting Weapon In A BTB Game!

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Voted no because Commando would be a better Precision to start with, but not so strong that players never trade it out.

Starting with BR will change the gameplay flow too much in favour of crossmapping and ducking behind cover, and Infinite’s maps right now are nowhere near interesting enough or have enough elevation differences that such a playstyle will be viable and not become stale.

With most BTB maps having 2 or 3 “hot traffic” areas per map, funneling players into a tight lane, you’re gonna end up with alot of hallway skirmishes with the only game changer being vehicles. And vehicle balance right now is just utter rubbish.


I would like BR starts in BTB for sure.


I would like the BR as a starting weapon if it were nerfed down a little bit. I honestly think it’s too good for EVERY player to start with every spawn tbh :confused:.

H3 BTB is amazing with BR starts, but it also is a lot more difficult to use than the HI BR.


While I’m tempted to agree with you, I frankly have no idea how Commando starts would even play out. Still, it would be a fun experiment at the least, and I don’t even necessarily object to BR starts, so long as it’s introduced with a match composer, like MCC, which allows for players to filter auto starts or precision starts.

Well a Commando is a precision automatic so it’s a win-win

I want Commando to replace the pistol for BTB. Then all Commando’s on map be replaced with Battle Rifles.


I want the BR as the defualt starting weapon for all game modes


I picked no because the BR in big maps is far too powerful. The BR takes over the ranged weapon game in mid to long distance combat. The AR is only contending at close to mid range like it should be. It would go from vehicular combat and power weapon fighting like a big team battle should be, to a campy hang back and pick off people mode like it shouldn’t be.


that’s what it is now with AR starts though

How do you figure? That hasn’t been my experience.

In the matches I play, numerous bot-tier individuals run around like chickens with their heads cut off, and a handful of people get decent weapons and slaughter them over and over and over like BTB is a glorified Firefight mode.

On Breaker, there are 3 sniper-class weapons on each side of the map, and someone always literally stands right on the spawn getting free ammo over and over and killing droves of enemies.


That’s part of every game mode, power weapons are for dominating. The point is to keep pressure on those positions. I don’t like being crossmapped as much as the next guy but as you said, each side has 3. Hope your teammates are better than the others. It never hurts to LFG if you want a competent team either.

Commando would be much more balanced to start with, its damage output put it in a low enough position that it doesn’t mess up the sandbox i.e. players never switching it out for a better situational option but its ability to headshot and range makes it a better fit for big team maps over the sidekick.

I really wish the heavy hitting vehicles would be available at spawn like they used to be in previous titles. It doesn’t really do it’s job in being a big deal when you only get them for like 2 minutes and it’s a mad dash fighting over it.

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that’s just it though, in all the other game modes the AR can overpower most of the power weapons, because the maps are smaller. In BTB a sniper is basically unkillable unless you have a sniper yourself. You literally have to hope they’re just a terrible shot, because that’s your only defense.

Other than the sniper and the rockets, what can we even consider a power weapon anymore? Most of them are kind of garbage and with Infinite’s jank half the shots don’t even register.

There needs to be a both option. I really wouldn’t care either way.

Both weapons deserve to have their place in the spotlight.

Hammer for sure. The Hammer in Infinite is a portable nuke


BR is almost as bad as the pistol. It totally ruins the HALO experience (grenade, AR, and then melee).