Poll: Launch Site should be a BTB map

  • Yes!
  • No.
  • Maybe (with a twist)

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Just thought I’d mention the elephant in the room, Launch Site is freaking huge and is almost never used for the majority of playlists (you know, all 4 of them) So I think Launch Site would be a really in your face and intense BTB map but would only really make sense for Slayer I feel.

Curious what other people think, It is not uncommon for a map that was originally designed for 4v4 to later on become a BTB map (Boardwalk, for example) so would love to see Launch Site play a greater role in Infinite.

It could be, but not as it is.

It does feel pretty empty for 4v4. But I’m not sure it’s quite large enough for 12v12. That would be pretty crowded.

Launch site is too small for 12v12, too big for 4v4, 8v8 would be ok.
On fiesta, vehicles were kind of awkward to move anywhere, so wouldn’t really work on btb

Well I think it could be one of those gametypes that shows up and is sort of a break from the others, regardless, could be tested via flights so I wonder about it.

Only if you like getting spawn killed

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Shouldn’t be a 4v4 map IMO. I’d be down for BTB on it. I think it could get a little chaotic and that could be fun.

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