Poll: Is your ping better now?

Very curious to see if the removal of geofiltering and low ping priority is actually helping.

  • If you live within the United States, please select from one of the US options

  • If you live outside of the US please select from one of the “Outside of US” options (sorry I just lumped everything as outside of the US, I didn’t want to have an overwhelming amount of poll options).

  • Yes (US Regions)
  • No (US Regions)
  • Yes (Outside of US)
  • No (Outside of US)

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Not sure what to select.

Before the update nearly always had 15ms but felt like :poop:.

Since the update it’s 15ms and feels like total :poop:.

Maybe the whole UK has, like me, given up with ranked and only play fiesta now, creating a fiesta 15ms microclimate and simultaneously proving ping isn’t the issue

Do you recall having that low of a ping before the update? :sneezing_face:


Always 15ms, always dog💩

Had 180ms ping today - but it felt better then that. Was able to compete at close quarters.

Haven’t looked at the actual numbers, but I can definitely say I’ve had more noticeable input latency on a few games, with the rest feeling business as usual. I’m in Hawaii so depending on the game in question we can experience some pretty lousy server options.

About the same. My ping was never high to begin with. 343 are simply liars. These are core elements that are completely broken. That store payment sysyem has never went down once, though.

I’m surprised this was an issue at all except in low population areas - which you would think it would be easily fixed with just server select option.

I see no change, everything last night was 40 or less. At least here in the US, my ping is less than 70 99.5% of the time (600+ matches now). West coast gives 70 worst case, mid west gives me about 15-20. I had a few games around 150 (I assume European server as that’s what mcc has for pings).

Now if I could pick servers, I’d select only mid west and east for US. Long range BR just doesn’t work as well at 70ms compared to 30ms. And will be interested to see everyone’s ping on scoreboard as well in future, though it’ll probably tilt me to see the guy on other team go 25-5 with 10 ping while I’m sitting at 70 and my team loses by 10.

My ping is roughly the same. I’m typically in 30-40ms lobbies, but I was getting nonstop rubber banding and desyncs last night.

My ping has always been good since day 1.

Ping was never the issue, i could have 20ms and still have god awful desync/latency.

I think its crossplay issue, whenever desync happens withba player theyrr on a separate platform.

Basically nothing has changed

worse. It used to average around 35-40 now it’s 80-120

For the most part I got my enjoyment from the game, once Elden RIng comes out, I am gone.

I’d have to play the game to answer. I’m good.

EU, every game 30 but the game feels terrible. Like the aim assist is completely turned off. Desync much worse than before. Overall: a state I probably quit playing. Look at my match history and you see what I mean… compare it the days before.

And mo, i wasnt geo filtering.